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Home » Bible Study Center » Quit Smoking God's Way » Quit Smoking God's Way Testimonies

Quit smoking testimonies
God's Awesome Power Is Helping People Quit Smoking !
Below You Will Find 193 Testimonies and Climbing !
We'd Love To Hear From You !

God Is Leading People To
Our "Quit Smoking Gods Way" Study
Because He Does Not Want His People To Smoke!!!

Years Ago When I Needed A Healing God Spoke To Me And Said...
"How Can I Heal One Part Of You When You're Damaging Another?"

Rudolph Writes...
I heard a voice say, "Who is more important, me or the cigarette?
Must I wait until you finish worshipping the cigarette?"

"I was smoking one Saturday and wanted to read the Bible too, but in order to do that I had to finish my smoke first. Then I heard a voice say, "Who is more important, me or the cigarette? Must I wait until you finish worshipping the cigarette?" I felt so ashamed that I crushed it out immediately and asked for forgiveness and Gods help to make me stop. Immediately the craving went away and I haven't had one as of this day after smoking for more than 40 years. THANK YOU JESUS."

Lee Writes...
"It's Been Months, No Craving For Marijuana And No Craving For Alcohol!

"I am so grateful to you and for this website and especially to our God who is so good. I have been trying to quit smoking. But my addiction was to marijuana cigarettes and alcohol. I have been smoking and drinking since I was a teen and I am soon to be 52. I have been dry and not smoked for periods of time, but it was a white knuckle experience (which is really hard especially since I am African American.) I always had cravings out of this world (literally-since it was demon induced). I could not go any length of time and each time I went back it was worse. I smoke literally, morning-noon-and night. The thing is, there are few sites that cover marijuana, the pot heads always excuse smoking because "it's from the earth man" so even when I went to sites, even Christian sites, there was not much support for quitting. I knew in my heart of hearts that this habit was causing a divide in my relationship with God. Thank you God for bringing me here. It has been months, no craving for MJ and NO craving for alcohol (its partner). Not counting days anymore since this is permanent. And God is blessing me, I hear him now and I feel hope and joy. Thank you all for your testimonies. God Bless. I am also able to BE a witness for my friends who are still pot heads. They are seeing it is possible to leave that demon spirit out and still have joy, peace and happiness. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!"

Jeff Writes...
"Praise HIM!!! It worked!"

"THANK YOU JESUS!!! You guys explained this in a way I never saw! And Praise HIM!!! It worked! Thank you for you message and I hope God blesses you greatly for what you have made me see when I was blind to the truth! Thank You!!"

A Testimony That We Received Said...
"The Holy Spirit Whispered To My Spirit,

"I was in the office last Friday and I asked the Lord to lead my day. The Holy Spirit whispered to my spirit,
"Look for QUIT SMOKING GOD'S WAY on Google..."

Ronnie From Kentucky Writes...
"I Smoked For 49 Years And I Am Free. Free, Free"

"Today has been 40 days since I prayed to be delivered from smoking and I haven't smoked since. I smoked for 49 years and I am free, free, free. My testimony is, it wasn't easy at times, but it wasn't too hard either cause my God helped me all the way. Thank You Jesus !!!"

An Anonymous New Ex-Smoker Writes...
"God Said Make A Promise To Me That You Will Never Smoke A Cig Again...I Am Free"

"Praise to you, O Lord you are just wonderful! In my prayer I asked God to deliver me from smoking and He asked me to be serious about it. He said, "Be serious about it, you must understand you. By yourself are weak in flesh, you need help, so make a promise to me that you will never smoke a cig again! And this will be a agreement between me and you! I will keep it and hold you responsible for it too and I will provide you the power to defeat smoking temptations." He said those to me and I did so. I am free. He said, "Call me and I will answer and I will show you things you have never seen before."

Linda From Kentucky Writes...
"WOW, This Really Works - After Smoking 42 Years I Haven't Smoked For 12 Days"

"WOW, this really works. The prayers are being answered and people are being set free. I haven't smoked for 12 days now. That is a miracle since I smoked two packs plus a day for years and have been a smoker for 42 years."

Cindy From Pennsylvania Writes...
"After 36+ Years Of Smoking, I Am Free From It"

"God has been working on me for a few days now, so has satan. But this morning God and I won the battle, satan gave up and took the nasty cigarettes with him. I want to thank Val with all my heart for her encouraging email. It meant alot to me and helped me. After 36+ years of smoking, I am free from it and praise God that He led me to this website. I know I could not have quit smoking without God. I wish I had turned to Him years ago instead of trying to do it on my own. For those of you just finding this website, PLEASE give God a chance to help you quit smoking, it truely is the easiest way."

Heather From Florida Writes...
"I "WAS" A Smoker For Over 25 Years"

"Blessings to all in Jesus Christ, I praise our Awesome God with all that is in me and thank you all for your prayers and the wonderful and encouraging emails I have recieved from Christian Journey! I want to update you all on my new life as a non-smoker. It is now 2 months and our Loving Savior has filled my lamp anew with oil! Hallelujah! When I was a smoker, there always felt like a wall between me and God's Spirit, like I was empty of the Holy power that my Christian sisters and brothers seemed to experience. The joy and fullness that only God's Spirit can bring. Well, I have that joy now and let me say, "It's like my faith has grown wings!" My life hasn't gotten easier and my circumstances haven't changed overnight but I feel a hope and joy and peace that I didn't have before! I was a smoker for over 25 yrs and I really didn't think it was possible to quit but I know now that anything is possible with our God!!!!!"

An Anonymous New Ex-Smoker Writes...
"I Asked God To Deliver Me From Smoking And He Asked Me To Be Serious About It"

"Praise to you, O Lord you are just wonderful! In my prayer I asked God to deliver me from smoking and He asked me to be serious about it. He said, "Be serious about it, you must understand you. By yourself are weak in flesh, you need help, so make a promise to me that you will never smoke a cig again! And this will be a agreement between me and you! I will keep it and hold you responsible for it too and I will provide you the power to defeat smoking temptations." He said those to me and I did so. I am free. He said, "Call me and I will answer and I will show you things you have never seen before."

An Ex-Smoker From South Africa Writes...
"While Smoking God Spoke To Me And Said, 'This Is Your Last Cigarette..."

"While smoking GOD spoke to me and said, 'This is your last cigarette, take the packet home, gather your kids and crush the packet under your feet. With your kids in prayer come into agreement that this is what you want to do and I promise that you will NEVER have a craving.' I got up from the seat and once back at my desk was directed by The Most High JESUS CHRIST to this website."

Another Testimony That We Received Said...
"The Craving Is Gone"

"I asked God, "God please take me to a website where I can read how people quit smoking." I came to this site and been reading the testimonies and the craving is gone. Thank You Jesus."

Another Testimony That We Received Said...
"It Was Almost As Though God Himself Directed Me To This Website
I Could Literally Feel God Release Me From The Bondage"

"I was scrolling the net and came across this website, almost as though God Himself directed me to it. I prayed the prayer on here that very night and found myself breaking down in tears. It was as though I could literally feel God release me from the bondage that has held me captive for the past 12 years."

Another Testimony That We Received Said...
"I Smoked For 49 Years And I Am Free, Free, Free."

"Today has been 40 days since I prayed to be delivered from smoking and I haven't smoked since. I smoked for 49 years and I am free, free, free. My testimony is, it wasn't easy at times, but it wasn't too hard either cause my God helped me all the way. Thank You Jesus !!!"

Share Your Testimony With Others!
If God has helped you quit smoking and you'd like to share your testimony
with others around the world, we'd like to hear your story.
Please fill out the online form below, submit it and we'll post your testimony on our website
so that others can see how the power of God can help them stop smoking too.


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program first and then copy and paste it below.

"Quit Smoking Gods Way"

Quit Smoking God's Way Study
God Is Leading People To
Our "Quit Smoking Gods Way" Study
Because He Does Not Want His People To Smoke!!!

Years Ago When I Needed A Healing God Spoke To Me And Said...
"How Can I Heal One Part Of You When You're Damaging Another?"

Words Spoken Directly To Me From God
Concerning Smoking And Receiving A Healing

Before I stopped smoking, God spoke very clear to me 23 years ago when I needed a healing.

God asked me...
"How can I heal one part of you when youíre damaging another?"

I knew exactly what He meant.
He meant how can He heal one part of me when Iím damaging another (my lungs) by smoking.
This tells me that He wants us to be "totally" healed in all areas of our bodies.
This also tells me that God wants us to do our part.
God is saying to give up the things that are hurting us first so that He can then heal us.
In other words, He was telling me, "What's the use if I heal one part of you if you continue to destroy another part?"
God is saying that smoking is such irresponsible care to the body that He gave us.
That was all I needed to hear and that was the start of it all and this study.
I did as this study instructs and stopped smoking immediately and then received my healing.
I believe that this is a direct revelation from God and a fact that He does not
want His people to smoke and that possibly smoking hinders us from receiving God's healings.

Praise God!

Read Amazing Testimonies From Around The World Below

God's Awesome Power
Helped The Following People Quit Smoking.
193 Wonderful Testimonies and Climbing !!!

Donna from Canada
Sends Us Smoking Testimony #193!

God Has Answered My Prayers.
"I have smoked for over 30 years. In the past few weeks I have prayed and prayed and friends of mine have prayed with me asking God to please help me quit. Finally God has answered my prayers. I have been smoke free for four days now. I will tell you it has not been easy but with Jesus help I can do this."
# 193: Donna - Canada

The Testimonies Made The Cravings Start Moving From Me.
"I've been a smoker for some years, and I thank God that He directed me to this site. I was reading the testimonies and it made the cravings start moving from me. Thank you Jesus."
# 192: Criver - Kenya

God's People Perish Because Of Lack Of Knowledge.
"Thank you Thank you for your teaching. It has played a part in me trying to quit or years. Smoking had a hold in my life and now reading your teaching and other faith teachings has really taught me a lot and my authority for "God's people perish because of lack of knowledge". With your teaching it has changed people. Glory be to God for your life and your gifts I will now share this with others who I know want to quit but don't know how. God Bless you - peace be upon you."
# 191: Vicky

There Is No More Being Reliant To Tobacco.
"I quit smoking as of now. There is no more being reliant to tobacco, thanks for this website."
# 190: Brandon - USA

Thank You For Giving My Life Back Lord.
"I read this this page from top to bottom in March 2013, looking for some kind of help, power, enrichment, to help me stop smoking. My Boyfriend had just left for NY to be away for a few months to help his dying mother another smoker. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to stop. I had wanted to stop so bad, but didn't have the will power being around another smoker. I read the page, I prayed every day sometimes several times, and I thanked God often for helping me through the hours and comforting me. Here it is Sept. 2014 and I have not smoked for a year and a half. I feel better, and I don't want to smoke ever again. I am here because I wanted to send the page to another friend that is struggling in hopes that it will help. I also thought I should let you know that this page is awesome. Thank you for giving my life back Lord, Amen."
# 189: Loury - Colorado

I heard a voice say, "Who is more important, me or the cigarette?
Must I wait until you finish worshipping the cigarette?"
"I was smoking one Saturday and wanted to read the Bible too, but in order to do that I had to finish my smoke first. Then I heard a voice say, "Who is more important, me or the cigarette? Must I wait until you finish worshipping the cigarette?" I felt so ashamed that I crushed it out immediately and asked for forgiveness and Gods help to make me stop. Immediately the craving went away and I haven't had one as of this day after smoking for more than 40 years. THANK YOU JESUS."
# 188: Rudolph - Cape Town, South Africa

God Is With Me.
"I have been in this world of smoking for a long time now. I have been going to school but still not finishing my education because of pot smoking. Now I think that's the end of smoking and God is with me so that all my cravings should go for good thank jesus."
# 187: Musyani - Zambia

God Took The Cigarettes And The Cravings Away.
"I smoked for 20 yrs. I tried quitting x amt of times. I worked for shaw industry 26 yrs. And in 2005 they said no more smoking on the premises. So I prayed to God and asked him to take away smoking and food cravings. Sweets were my bad. So I smoked my last one in the parking lot. Never craved for them. My worst fear I would eat the chocolate as fast as they hit the stores. Hadn't smoked since. God took the cigarettes and the cravings away. Thank you Jesus."
# 186: Angela

God Delivered Me And Healed Me.
"I asked you to pray for me 5 months ago to quit smoking. You sent me how to quit smoking keys and prayed for me. Well! Here is the Praise Report: I quit smoking for almost 5 months now. God delivered me and healed me. God gave me peace and no desire to smoke. Praise God!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you for testimony and prayer. God bless you all!!"
# 185: Sheryl

I Am Now 100% Sure That I Will Never Again Put A Cigarette On My Lips Again.
After Reading Your God's Word I Decided To Accept Jesus As My Personal Saviour.
"Let me tell you something very interesting, today this morning I called my colleagues and I told them that I quit smoking and I took the whole packet of cigarettes and threw them in the toilet. I am now 100% sure that I will never again put a cigarette on my lips again. I promised my heavenly father that I will never and never again put a cigarette on my lips again. Devil is a liar and he will not defeat me. I read where you said you will never baby him but let me tell you this in the name of Jesus I BABY HIM TODAY IN JESUS NAME AMEN. You have advised me to depend on God to fight this battle and after reading your email I see this quiting smoking as a battle but also as a new life. I am very happy today because I am a new person and I will praise my God till I leave this world. I was non believer but today after reading your God's Word I decided to accept Jesus as my personal saviour. I was crying the moment I called people I worked with because of the new life I recieve today. I am the only child at home who is working and I have been failing to provide my family properly because of this nasty habit of smoking and drinking. I know and believe that from today on they will recieve full support from me because I was behaving like a child, thinking like a child, talking like a child when I was still smoking and drinking. Now I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour and now I put my childish behavior away to be a man at home. Please pray for me to be strong."
# 184: Lebone

Last Night God Delivered Me.
"I prayed last night and commanded the sprit of alcohol and smoking to get out of my body. Last night God delivered me and then praise the Lord after 5 years I am free from the taste and the urge is completely gone now. God's Word says not by might or by power but by His Sprit. That's the only thing that could have free'd me as I was bound."
# 183: Shirley - United Kingdom

Thank You God For Your Strong Support.
"Thank you God for your strong support to quit smoking. It's been years now that I have quit and I am so grateful living smoke free. It's the only way to truly live and for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven the only way is to keep happy."
# 182: Shani - Australia

I Have Been Smoke Free Since The Day I Read This Article.
"Thank you so much for this web page, I've been trying to find ways to help me quit smoking for years and then I came across this site. This site has given me keys to a healthy living, I have been smoke free since the day I read this article. It has been two weeks so far and I don't plan on ever returning to cigarettes. Once again thank you."
# 181: Jonathan - North Dakota

Three Months And I Am Still Smoke Free.
"At my wits end smoking, suffering ill health, I tried everything patches, sprays, actpuncture, classes, gum you name it I tried it. Then one night I went to bed and I prayed. Oh how I prayed to be set free from this terrible addiction I could not afford, not only in money, but in friendships. Non of my friends do. If we went out I'd be standing outside the venue, very frustrating. My children hate smoking and my husband is a non smoker but has been supportive. Then on this Sunday night back in January 2014, I said, "It's over to you Lord. All my problems I Lay at your feet. I pray for the strength to stop smoking. Lord with your help I know I can do this. You are my strength and my shoulder to lean on." As the days went by I would continue to pray and to give thanks for the help and continued support the Lord as given me. Three months on and I am still smoke free, healthier and a whole lot happier. I still get cravings but now when I do I shake myself down and remember to speak to God. It works. I must say that I'm not a regular church goer but do believe in the power of love."
# 180: Jeanette - U.K.

God Did It!
"I just wanted this Christian site to know that God did it! 7-days into my deliverance and it's all because of the scripture that says they overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony. I'm free indeed.
Love sis Barbara from Chicago 02-06-14. God did it!!!!!"
# 179: Barbara - Chicago, Illinois

Thank You Gracious Lord and Savior!!!!!
"My eternal gratitude to this website and our most gracious Lord and Savior for leading me to this web site and giving me the strength and determination to give up smoking for good. This spiritual journey to quit smoking led me to learn many good techniques along the way. For me I began my journey with nicotine replacement therapy which helped me completely give up all cigs for two weeks. Each passing day and week gave me greater assurance that by turning this burden to the Lord, it is impossible to fail and each day put me closer to the finish. With my confidence booming, the Lord led me to give up the gum. It takes 3 days to completely remove all nictoine from the body. There were challenging moments to be sure but the assurance from God to be set free was the motivation that I needed to overcome these challenging moments and continue to trust in God's promise. Each day, the challenges became less and less you are completely smoke and nicotine free. Thank you gracious Lord and Savior!!!!!"
# 178: Bud - North Carolina

I Am Now Totally Free From Smoking.
"Many thanks to your website and the LORD I am now totally free from smoking. I have been smoking for over 5 years with a break when for six months I didn't smoke. It is still tempting especially as I am going through a stressful time. But I choose to let God be my comfort. I praise him If someone is struggling keep confessing the word keep on fighting for your freedom. He who the Son sets free is free indeed."
# 177: Grace

God Has Taken Away The Urge To Smoke.
"Thank you Lord Jesus!! I can't express how much I love you. Grace and mercy has been sufficient for me to stop smoking cigarettes. God is now conviction me to stop marijuana and abusive alcohol use. I've indulged in all three for ten years, about a year and a half after marriage God has taken away the urge to smoke, Praise be to God and thanks for His Son Jesus Christ who is conforming me to His likeness."
# 176: Robert - Georgia

One Year Of Freedom From The Slavery Of Smoking...After 42 Years and 3 Packs A Day!
"One Year of freedom from the slavery of smoking. All Praise to God who has set me free !!! The prayers WORK ... God will HELP you...But you must do your part.' Decide to stop smoking and dont look back. Remember Lots wife. Stay out of the valley of decision and remember God said you are going to make it. I smoked for 42 years 3 packs a day, God helped me, I did my part and He did His part. Thank You God you did it ..."
# 175: Linda - Kentucky

For The Person Who Is Reading This Right Now...
God Will Help You If You Ask So You're Not Alone.
"My personal relationship with God is not affiliated with any particular religion, conventions or other beliefs. The reason I believe in God is due to answered prayers from the time I was a teenager and knowing I am loved by God and my faith is absolute and unshakable.

I was a smoker for almost 30 years. I quit through an internet education program called Whyquit.com, which means cold turkey. The information there sure helped me but one thing I never shared there is the degree that prayer and God helped me quit. I leaned completely on God. When I prayed for help and strength, I often would receive insights which I recorded in a private journal. The more I collected the stronger I became in my resolve not to smoke or use nicotine.

I have been smoke and nicotine free for more than two years. I am not sure what the reason is that I came here to tell my story, but maybe its because I have a message for the person who is reading this right now. Your success is not conditional on your religious beliefs but on faith in God who loves you and will support you when you ask for help. Remember that God helps he/she who helps himself/herself so that means you have to do the work in resolving to abstain. That means having no cigarettes or nicotine in your house, car, etc. and refraining from using - just today. Today is just one day. Make up your mind you will not smoke today, believe me, you can make it through a single day with God's help. The amazing thing you'll find is that if you can make it through one day you can make it through many days. And if you can do that, and be free of the awful cravings for nicotine, why would you want to choose being an addict instead? Cravings in particular situations that are conquered stay conquered, so it's only a matter of time before you will win. God will help you if you ask so you're not alone."
# 174: Lynda - USA

I've Been Smoke Free Since I Went On The Website.
"I've been smoke free since I went on the website.... 10/27/13 @ 2:00am....GLORY TO GOD!!!!!"
# 173: Marlon

Have Not Smoked For 1 1/2 Weeks Now And Am So Thankful.
"I am so thankful for this site. I have it as a favorite on my computer and in my phone. I feel it is always near. The most encouraging thing is the illustration of Jesus and the person's outstretched hands going toward Jesus. That image is very vivid and I think about turning to it whenever I am tempted to smoke. Have not smoked for 1 1/2 weeks now and am so thankful. Thanks so much."
# 172: Anne - Florida

It's Been A Year Today - After 38 Years Of Smoking.
I Couldn't Have Done It Without The Lord!
"September 25th, 2012 at 7am I asked God to deliver me from cigarettes. I asked though not for him to take them until 5pm. At 5pm that afternoon I smoked my last cigarette after 38 years of smoking. That wasn't just answering my Prayer. To show up at 5pm was a Miracle! It's been a year today. I couldn't have done it without the Lord! Thank You Lord!!"
# 171: Neena

I Asked Jesus To Help Me Quit - I Have Never Picked Up A Cigarette Since That Day.
"I smoked for 10 years a pack a day. I was really addicted to smoking. 10 years! Nobody knows not even my husband. And one day I asked Jesus...Help me to quit! And the next day I never picked up even one cigarette since that day - I just quit cold turkey. God saved me..Jesus saved me... :) I love Jesus...I Love Jesus more then anything..."
# 170: Vjsri - Malaysia

I Don't Think God Stopped Me From Smoking,
I Believe He Has Delivered Me From It Completely.
"It's been 5 days since I last smoked a cigarette, but before you think its not that long let me just explain to you what I actually go through on a daily basis. Firstly Im 27 years old I've been smoking since the age of 17 so I've smoking for about 10 years. I use to smoke easily a packet a day sometimes an evening when I use to go to various events then a whole packet within 2 or 3 hours. I was labelled as a chain smoker. On Friday evening 07/09/2013 I was laying in bed listening to a Terry MacAlmon song and I came across this site. Below all this testimonies there's a pray. I said that prayer Friday night and I meant it with all my heart. The next day when I woke up my craving for smoking was gone. I don't think God just stopped me from smoking I believe He has delivered me from it completely. When I smell cigarette smoke it makes me nausea I can actually smell how bad a person smells after they done smoking and its really not a pleasant site especially if your employer or boss is also a non-smoker. Anyways like I was saying at the start of this testimony, I've only stopped for 5 days so far and counting but what I go through on a daily basis is suppose to be a test but im not even being phased by it. The God we serve people is amazing and He loves you. He wants to come and live inside you and build up those walls so that no evil can touch you or even come against you. If you want to stop smoking and if you are serious about quitting the please say the prayer below and open your heart to the Lord when you say it you'll be amazed how this will turn your life around. I am an example of it. God Bless You!!!!"
# 169: Ashwin - Cape Town, South Africa

12 Days Since God Healed Me Of My Smoking Addiction!
"It has been 12 days since God healed me of my smoking addiction! Praise God! I feel free from being a prisoner of Satan's cigarettes. They do not reward me or magage my time anymore. Thank You Jesus I am finally free!"
# 168: Melissa - Texas

I Am Now On Day 11 And Have No Cravings Or Urge To Smoke.
"Praise God I prayed the prayer and my physical urges to smoke were gone. God also took away the withdrawls of quitting. I am now on day 11 and have no cravings or urge to smoke. I thank your website and God for giving me the tools and strength to quit for good. Praise God I am free."
# 167: Angel - Ohio

I Was Completely Healed Of The Tobacco Addiction.
"At the age of twenty-two, I became a Christian. In an attempt to win God's favor, I tried to adopt my perception of a Christian lifestyle. Part of this endeavor included laying down my cigarette smoking habit. I prayed for the Lord's help, and He graciously helped me overcome the initial physical addiction. Still, I was regularly tempted by cigarettes. I gave into the temptation to smoke after six weeks, and the addiction grabbed hold of me again. Even though I failed, the Lord continued to show me His favor. The longer I walked with Christ, the more I gained His inner peace. My thought patterns became more positive and hopeful. God demonstrated His love and trustworthiness time after time. My passion to quit smoking grew, but my ability to stop the addiction decreased with each passing year. Finally at the age of thirty-six, I tried a prescription medicine for smoking cessation. After three weeks, I felt as incapable of breaking the addiction as ever. The only difference I did notice were the medicine's side effects. One such side effect was the onset of severe anxiety attacks. During a panic episode, my heart would beat rapidly along with the horrifying sensation I could not breathe! After one unusually long panic attack, I felt I could no longer endure it and begged the Lord to make it stop. The Lord spoke to my heart, "I will do this for you if you stop smoking." My heart must have responded with a "yes" because my panic attack stopped instantly and completely. Since then, I have not lifted a single cigarette to my lips. Although getting through the rest of the day without a cigarette was uncomfortable, I made it. The following day, something had drastically changed. It was inexplicable how the compulsion to smoke was just gone. I was completely healed of the tobacco addiction. When I read the parable of the scattered seed, I am reminded of my struggle with addiction. My desire to stop smoking sprang up quickly but dissipated after a short time because my relationship with Christ had no root. Once I had walked with Christ for a number of years, our relationship had grown. I learned God can be trusted with my worries. His peace made my heart like good soil, so when his healing seed was scattered again it produced a vigorous plant. I am so thankful God never gave up on me."
# 166: Kim - Missouri

I Smoked 2 Packs A Day For Over 30 Years - Just Celebrated 60 Days Of Being Smoke Free!
This Is The Greatest Gift I Have Ever Been Given.
"Just wanted to give you an update on not smoking. My last day to smoke was March 30, 2013. Just celebrated 6o days of being smoke free. I am 61 years old, have smoked 2 packs a day for over 30 years. I really want to retire when I turn 62 this year. I knew no one really understood how bad I want to retire, but I also knew God Did Know how much this would mean to me. My reason to continue to work till 67 was purely a money reason. I started praying about how much I wanted this and asked for guidance in how I could make this possible. I had been praying and thinking about it for a couple of weeks, when one morning driving to work the question came to my mind, how much are you spending on cigarettes each month? I thought about it and figured it out - $218.00 a month. That amount would allow me to retire if I stopped smoking. I told my Heavenly Father, I know this idea is Yours, I would never consider to stop smoking. I really, really love it!! But, I could retire if I stopped. I talked with my Heavenly Father about all my fears and doubts, then told Him, I will stop buying cigarettes, but I am not strong enough or committed enough to do any more than that. I made a vow to God, I will not buy them but You have to Help me to stop. Will I am a living, breathing human being to tell you, God is Alive, Working, Listening to His children and does work miracles in our lives. When I put my last cigarette out, I have had no strong desire, or craving for cigarettes. I am saying, singing nothing but praises to my Father for what He has done for me. I am probably one of the most unworthy children He has and yet there He is right beside me, lifting me up, and showing me that I am Loved by Him. That is the greatest gift I have ever been given. Thank you for your time. Wanted you to know how God is working in my life!!"
# 165: Debbie - USA

It's Been Months, No Craving For Marijuana And No Craving For Alcohol! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!
"I am so grateful to you and for this website and especially to our God who is so good. I have been trying to quit smoking. But my addiction was to marijuana cigarettes and alcohol. I have been smoking and drinking since I was a teen and I am soon to be 52. I have been dry and not smoked for periods of time, but it was a white knuckle experience (which is really hard especially since I am African American.) I always had cravings out of this world (literally-since it was demon induced). I could not go any length of time and each time I went back it was worse. I smoke literally, morning-noon-and night. The thing is, there are few sites that cover marijuana, the pot heads always excuse smoking because "it's from the earth man" so even when I went to sites, even Christian sites, there was not much support for quitting. I knew in my heart of hearts that this habit was causing a divide in my relationship with God. Thank you God for bringing me here. It has been months, no craving for MJ and NO craving for alcohol (its partner). Not counting days anymore since this is permanent. And God is blessing me, I hear him now and I feel hope and joy. Thank you all for your testimonies. God Bless. I am also able to BE a witness for my friends who are still pot heads. They are seeing it is possible to leave that demon spirit out and still have joy, peace and happiness. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!"
# 164: Lee - Nevada

I Thank God For This Website. I'm Still Smoke Free!
"I thank God for this website. On Feb 28, 2013 I prayed and asked God to please deliver me from this smoking, and He led me here. After reading, I was ready to fight Satan with all I had, and I did! The Holy Spirit worked it out with me like He said He would. Now it's April, and I'm still smoke free! Thank God for you're website!"
# 163: Jeremy

Praise HIM!!! It worked!
"THANK YOU JESUS!!! You guys explained this in a way I never saw! And Praise HIM!!! It worked! Thank you for you message and I hope God blesses you greatly for what you have made me see when I was blind to the truth! Thank You!!"
# 162: Jeff

Glory Be To God I'm A Non Smoker Now!
"This is Johnny I am following up a message sent not too long ago, I was struggling to quit cigs and now I'm 21 days off them and free of them!! Thank you for reminding us of our victory in the Holy Spirit glory be to God I'm a non smoker now!"
# 161: Johnny

God Answered My Prayer.
"I want to share how God help me quit smoking 3 days ago. God answered my prayer. God is the answering God. 1. We call God with humility. 2. We call God with persistence. 3. We call God with faith. 4. We must call God with specific needs. When we pray, always remember to wait for God's perfect time because in His time He made all things beautiful."
# 160: Mark - Saudi Arabia

I Took His Hand And It's Been Nearly 2 Months That I Am Officially A Non Smoker.
"God spoke to me for maybe a year to stop smoking for I am ill with Q-Fever and on medication every month for 7 days. I really battled at first and did not believe that it was possible for I was smoking for 23 years. I came to a point in my life where I realized it is now or never and chose to believe God for He will set me free. I took His hand and today it has been nearly 2 months that I am officially a non smoker. I still must pinch myself as for the fist time in my life I experienced the power of Jesus that has set me free. I am asking people that are reading this that you will just say a prayer for me to be healed from Q-Fever in the name of JESUS. I am desperate for healing and know that only JESUS can and will heal me. Thank you for your amazing web site. Keep on doing the good work."
# 159: Elsabe - South Africa

I'm Breaking This Chain And I'm Pressing On...Praising God For What He's Already Done.
"Hello all. I've starting my quit smoking journey on Jan 8th. I have not let go. I ask God to remove the desire as well as the temptation. It has been a good, made up mind, praying journey, and it's not over yet. I just keep asking God to continue to help me in that area. I talk to people who have quit. I get much encouragement. It just doesn't make sense to turn back now. I'm breaking this chain and I'm pressing on. Praising God for what He's already done. Amen!!!"
# 158: Jonelle - Maryland

I Smoked For 49 Years And I Am Free, Free, Free.
"Today has been 40 days since I prayed to be delivered from smoking and I haven't smoked since. I smoked for 49 years and I am free, free, free. My testimony is, it wasn't easy at times, but it wasn't too hard either cause my God helped me all the way. Thank You Jesus !!!"
# 157: Ronnie - Kentucky

WOW, This Really Works. I Haven't Smoked For 12 Days Now.
"WOW, this really works. The prayers are being answered and people are being set free. I haven't smoked for 12 days now. That is a miracle since I smoked two packs plus a day for years and have been a smoker for 42 years."
# 156: Linda - Kentucky

I'm Gonna Let The 4 Yr Old Stomp The Pack And When She Asks Why
Did I Let Her Stomp My Cigs, My Answer Will Be Because I Love You.
"I just smoked a cig and before I go to sleep I will smoke another. In the morning I will awake to clean a back yard of two acres tree debris and the likes of such. Gonna create a two acre oasis for a 4 yr old with a pool, deck, swing set...and if I continue to smoke how long could I possibly enjoy the blessing? At this point it's been 20 years up in smoke insane. I've been blessed and bailed out of many situations and circumstances that only God's hand could play. Yet my hand freely injects toxic poison at a premium price for? A pure sure show of ignorance. I'm gonna let the 4 yr old stomp the pack and when she asks why did I let her stomp my cigs, my answer will be because I love you. God bless."
# 155: Don - Connecticut

I Asked God To Deliver Me From Smoking And He Asked Me To Be Serious About It.
God Said, "I Will Provide You The Power To Defeat Smoking Temptations."
"What can I possibly say for what He had done for me? Praise to you, O Lord you are just wonderful! In my prayer I asked God to deliver me from smoking and He asked me to be serious about it. He said, "Be serious about it, you must understand you. By yourself are weak in flesh, you need help, so make a promise to me that you will never smoke a cig again! And this will be a agreement between me and you! I will keep it and hold you responsible for it too and I will provide you the power to defeat smoking temptations." He said those to me and I did so. I am free. He said, "Call me and I will answer and I will show you things you have never seen before." Praise you Lord! There is no words I can use to describe it but I knew you would understand it. Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ I am praying for those who wanted to quit smoking. May you be mercy to them and help them quit this harmful habit. We know that in you there is nothing impossible. Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank you for all the testimonies of this website, thank you!"
# 154: Anonymous New Ex-Smoker

After 36+ Years Of Smoking, I Am Free From It And Praise God That He Led Me To This Website.
"God has been working on me for a few days now, so has satan. But this morning God and I won the battle, satan gave up and took the nasty cigarettes with him. I want to thank Val with all my heart for her encouraging email. It meant alot to me and helped me. After 36+ years of smoking, I am free from it and praise God that He led me to this website. I know I could not have quit smoking without God. I wish I had turned to Him years ago instead of trying to do it on my own. For those of you just finding this website, PLEASE give God a chance to help you quit smoking, it truely is the easiest way."
# 153: Cindy - Pennsylvania

God's Grace Is Stronger Because He Has Given Me The Strength To Resist.
"I am pleased to report that as of my first post on the 16th October I have not had a cigarette!!! Amazing. I have smoked since I was 13, giving up smoking has been a battle I had been suffering with dizziness for 2 weeks after I quit, but God's grace is stronger because He has given me the strength to resist. Even now when the thought comes upon me, I thank God for the strength that has been placed on the inside of me. I can do it, and I am no longer a smoker! Amazing thanks for your encouragement and prayer. xx"
# 152: Chermayne - England

I Asked God Why I Could Not Choose To Quit.
God Told Me It Was Because It Was My Preference To Smoke Because Of A Demonic Lie.
"I believe the difficulty I had with smoking was the inability to quit when I wanted to. I prayed about it and asked God to help me which was ineffective too, because I was not sincere. My desire to quit was more about pride than health. There were requests of friends that made me feel less than and if I gave clothing to a friend they did not want it because it smelled like smoke. I offered a chaise lounge to a friend and they did not want it befor fear that it would carry a smokey odor. I asked God why I could not choose to quit. God told me it was because it was my preference to smoke because of a demonic lie I was believing in to secure me and hold me hostage. I asked God to help me change my preferences.

That is when I became sick. I was sneezing and coughing incessantly. I felt strongly that this may be God's permissive will that allows things to happen to us in order to move us into His greater good for our lives. My decision to quit has nothing to do with pride today. My decision to live the abundant life God desires for me is because God's love is stronger than satan's lie. Christ's cross death released me from anything the enemy could throw at me. It is only in relationship with the Father through His Son that we learn just how much we mean to Him. I prefer Jesus! He is my at-one-ment with Father God and the breath in my Holy Spirit - God's perfect will be done! But it may take His permissive will to get our attention!"
# 151: Linda - Tennessee

When I Had A Cigarette In The Morning, I Simply Didn't Feel The Urge Or The Nicotine Rush.
" I asked God to help me quit smoking because I couldn't do it by myself. They say that cigarettes is more addicting than cocaine and cocaine is more addicting than heroine. I told Him that I didn't want to have two masters and I didn't want to do anything that might disappoint Him. When I had a cigarette in the morning, I simply didn't feel the urge or the nicotine rush. I know that God is helping me quit and I quit right now with fasting and lots of prayer. Praise the Lord!"
# 150: Florida

I've Finally Done It!
"I've finally done it! I wanted to be totally sure before I let people know. I am nearly a week in and know with all my heart smoking tobacco is over."
# 149: Letitia - United Kingdom

I Want To Update You All On My New Life As A Non-Smoker.
"Blessings to all in Jesus Christ, I praise our Awesome God with all that is in me and thank you all for your prayers and the wonderful and encouraging emails I have recieved from Christian Journey! I want to update you all on my new life as a non-smoker. It is now 2 months and our Loving Savior has filled my lamp anew with oil! Haleluya! When I was a smoker,there always felt like a wall between me and God's Spirit, like I was empty of the Holy power that my Christian sisters and brothers seemed to experience. The joy and fullness that only God's Spirit can bring. Well, I have that joy now and let me say, "It's like my faith has grown wings!" My life hasn't gotten easier and my circumstances haven't changed overnight but I feel a hope and joy and peace that I didn't have before! I was a smoker for over 25 yrs and I really didn't think it was possible to quit but I know now that anything is possible with our God!!!!!"
# 148: Heather - Florida

I Now Have Quit Thanks To This Web Site.
Please Pray I Continue To Stay Smoke Free.
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. I have know for a long time I needed to quit smoking. I now have quit thanks to this web site. Please pray that I can continue to stay smoke free, refuse all temptation."
# 147: Cindy - USA

I Concentrated On A Scripture For A Month Before I Quit.
I Quit 4 Days Ago.
"After realizing I was a slave to this lie I knew I had to stop. I knew I had to get my freewill lined up with God or it would not work. Smoking became my idol and how could I pray for financial or health miracles. I knew I had to quit and that God was so patient but my turn was now. I concentrated on a scripture for a month before "He that is in me is greater than he who is if the world. I journaled all the lies that Satan would attack me with before I quit. I was ready. I quit four days ago. It hasn't been easy but hasn't been hard. I thank God and battle my mind and take those thoughts captive and know If God is for me who can be against me. It will get better and I will be blessed. This website and the emails I got was in love and helped."
# 146: Kathleen - Florida

A Peacefulness And Strength Filled Me To The Point Of Weeping With Joy.
I Have Been Smoke Free Since.
"I was so addicted I felt I could never break free. I prayed earnestly for help to do God's will and a peacefulness and strength filled me to the point of weeping with joy. I have been smoke free since, and I know the love of Christ keeps guiding me."
# 145: Cat - Edinburgh

I Heard The Words From Jesus Say "Let It Be Done".
I Knew From That Point That The Battle Of Addiction Was A Spiritual Battle.
"In April 2011, I became Born Again. A month or so afterwards I felt convicted of defiling my temple by smoking, so I gave up smoking with the help of a fairly new anti-smoking drug called Champix. They worked really well except for some disturbing side effects such as feeling I was going mad. So after 10 weeks I stopped taking the pills, but unfortunately, even though I was no longer physically addicted I still craved cigarettes as if I had never given up. Before I became a Born Again Christian I had been trying on and off to give up for about 20 years. In the past I managed to give up smoking for 3 months with Nicoteen Patches, I gave up for 5 years on Nicoteen Gum. The problem with that is that I continued to be addicted to Nicoteen, so when I could no longer afford the gum I reverted back to smoking. After that I gave up smoking for 1 year by Hypnosis, but then it seamed to wear off and I started again. So you think with all of these attempts top give up smoking I might have succeeded. In the case of the hypnosis again I was no longer addicted to the nicoteen or the habit but I continued to be addicted mentally. About 4 and a half months ago, I felt very convicted about taking up smoking again and so confessed to my church curate and her husband. They invited me to come to their house and the prayed for me and laid hands on me. Also during this prayer I repented out-loud to God for the first time ever in my life . "Please forgive me for smoking" (or words to that effect). I didn't realize that we are meant to confess to our fellow Christians and to repent to God. I had never prayed out loud before this time. When I pray I like to try to picture Jesus, which is really difficult, so when I repented to God I burst into tears, it was like a bath of hot water running down my face and I thought I heard the words from Jesus say "Let it be done". I knew from that point that the battle of addiction was a spiritual battle that I could have never won. Jesus claimed the victory for me. I have not smoked or wanted to smoke since."
# 144: Julian - Hastings, UK

I Came Across This Web Site And I Prayed The Prayer.
I Am Breathing Better Now And I Am Looking For God To Open Many Doors.
"Today and the past few weeks God has been dealing with me about smoking. I read on a blog that said it's sad when you know something is killing you and you still can't stop. It went on to say have you not suffered enough what will it take for you to stop. What's interesting is it never said anything about smoking. Tonight I asked myself why don't I love myself enough to stop. Having trouble breathing I started crying and came across this web site and I prayed the prayer and kept thanking God.....I am breathing better now and I am looking for God to open many doors for me and my children. Thank you for this website because now I am on my way to success."
# 143: Miriam - USA

I Attended A Christian Worship And Walked Out Of It Never To Smoke Again.
I Had No Withdrawal Symtoms, No Cravings...It Just Went Away.
"I have been struggling to give up smoking for the last twenty years, and I had given up many times only to start back in a few days and sometimes a month. It was just year ago to the day (1st of July 2011) I was invited to attend a Christian worship. This was the first time that I attented a Christian worship. I had smoked my last cigarette just before entering the worship hall and I walked out of this hall never to smoke again. But this time I had no withdrawal symtoms, no cravings, not biting of lips and getting angry with colleagues, it just went away. I am immensely thankful to Christ and would encourage you to pray to HIM and he will free you from nicotine."

"It was on July 1st 2011, the day I attented my first Christian worship service, I moved from a 25 years chain smoker to a non smoker. I had tried over the years to give up smoking, but somehow it would not leave me. On that particular day I did not even pray for releasing me from nicotine but God knew my secret wish and freed me from the fetters of smoking in one go and to this I am thankful and because of the miracle that happened I have continued to go the worship service till date and am still a non smoker."
# 142: Roy - Dubai UAE

GODS LOVE helped me quit smoking!!!
"GODS LOVE helped me quit smoking!!! I smoked since I was 12, I am 23 now. I was a woman of God but I never really knew was it was like to have a relationship with Him until He spoke to me and told me I couldn't be a hyprocrite Christian. Damaging the temple of God and call myself a Christian, I had to get rid of this earthly addiction. I decided to reply on Gods power and will, prayed and studied the Word of God more in depth. Now I have the best relationship with Him I have ever had. I quit since 05/01/2012!! GLORIA A DIOS!"
# 141: Stephanie - North Carolina

I Made Up My Mind And Asked Jesus For Some Help With This.
I'm Amazed By How Easy It Is Now.
"Hi , I smoked for 12 years before I got saved. With extreme efforts and nicotine gum I kicked the habit. In my 29 years it was one of the most difficult things I've had to do. I don't know why I just found it that hard. Two years went past before I gave into satan and started smoking again. I've been smoking for over a year now. I've tried stopping 3 times already with no success. I can feel how smoking is retarding my spiritual growth and I can feel my bond with Jesus isn't as intimate like it use to be. I almost got used to the fact that I'm smoking for good now but 3 days ago after feeling great conviction I believe I was led to this site and after reading some testimonies something stuck in my mind "DO I LOVE SMOKING OR DO I LOVE JESUS?" I made up my mind and asked Jesus for some help with this. I'm amazed by how easy it is now. 3 days already and I have not touched or really craved a smoke. The hardest part is over. Thank you Father."
# 140: Lodewijk - South Africa

God Helped Me Quit Smoking!!
"God helped me quit smoking!! Thank you Lord!"
# 139: Demetra - New York

I Prayed And Asked God To Take It (Smoking) Away.
I Said To God That It Would Be A Whole Lot Easier If He Was Here.
I Immediately Heard A Voice In The Back Of My Head Say, "But I Am!"
"I had been struggling with cigarettes for years, I would always start smoking after I tried to quit. One night I got the idea to look for testimonies about God helping someone to stop smoking. I came across this website. I said the prayer but continued to smoke for another week. When one night I was sitting outside smoking and thought to myself, I have to stop this or I'll regret it when its to late. I prayed and asked God to take it away, I didn't feel any different but I said to God that it would be a whole lot easier if He was here. I immediately heard a voice in the back of my head say, "But I am!" I felt all the hairs on my head and arms stand up and goose bumps raise. That was the last cigarette I smoked!! I'm now at just over 3 weeks with very few cravings and I've actually lost weight!! I thank God for delivering me from this addiction, I could not do it on my own because I tried and failed so many times before. God can and will take away this addiction, you just have to ask and believe. He's right there just waiting for you to ask!"
# 138: M - USA

I Said Forgive Me Lord And From That Day I Haven't Touched Another Cigarette
And Have No Desire To Smoke At All.
"I smoked from being 13 years old and often joked I would die holding a cigarette. I smoked twenty every day and sometimes more. I got saved at age 23 and still smoked heavily but with conviction now that it was not good for me. I had a very low self-esteem and struggled for a while after to stop smoking. I didn't understand how to stop and all I needed to do was stop trying and start trusting. I tried everything to little or no avail. During the summer I attended a Christian Festival and whilst there I felt a deep conviction that Jesus really really loved me and my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and He didn't like what I was doing. I said forgive me Lord and from that day I haven't touched another cigarette and have no desire to smoke at all. Jesus' love set me free and His Holy Spirit gave His strength to do it. Glory to Him. People can't believe I used to smoke and I am so glad Jesus loves me enough to want me to have a healthy body and our relationship grew from that. Be blessed."
# 137: Tammy - UK Resident

My Father Jesus Christ Has Removed All Cravings My My Body.
"I have smoked for over 30 years. Years ago the Holy Spirit placed on my conscicious that I MUST STOP smoking. I tried everything Chantix, Nicoderm, everything imaginable. While on Chantix I lost my marriage. This drug made me do crazy things and has a direct contribution for the loss of my marriage. I continued to smoke and continued to ask Father to help me to quit smoking. I am happy to report that I today is day 5. I have never gone 5 days without some form of a crutch. My Father Jesus Christ has removed all cravings my my body. I am a new person in body and mind. Thank you heavenly Father."
# 136: Glenda - USA

Today Is Day 5 Of Not Smoking.
While I Was Reading My Bible The Craving For A Cigarette Passed.
I Think The Lord Is Killing Two Bad Habits For The Price Of One.
"Today is day 5 of not smoking. I feel amazingly well. While I smoked my last cigarette I was praying to God, Lord please remove this habit from me. I hate the smell, I hate the taste and I can't believe a cigarette is controlling my life. I have never been controlled by anything. I was more disappointed in myself than anything. I knew God answered prayers, however I was very specific. I ask him to remove the desire, I claimed in Jesus name that I will not gain weight like most websites say would happen. The power of prayer and the faith to know and believe that you would never pick up another cigarette was key. On day 2 was the hardest so far. My craving was intense. Usually after a long day at work I would get me a pack of cigarettes and 2 16oz of Bud Lights. It seems the craving lasted for hours. I took a hot bath, did some deep breathing exercises, also I did some crunches and then got into my Bible. While I was reading the craving for a cigarette passed. I believed that the Lord wants us to be free. He doesn't want anything to put us in bondage. I was a social smoker. I needed a beer and a cigarette. So since I haven't had cigarette I have no desire for a beer either. I think the Lord is killing two bad habits for the price of one. I can't say I will never drink a beer, but I can say I won't have a cigarette to go with it. Jesus said, " And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will recieve Matt 21:22. I hope this post can help those who want to quit and don't know if they can. I pray that my post not only bless others, but God will show me favor and bless me to continue to be smoke free. God Bless everyone. Share your stories with others to be a help to our brothers and sisters."
# 135: CK - Texas

I Asked God To Help Me To Stop Smoking. The Next Day When I Woke Up I Didn't Want To Smoke No More.
"My name is Jason I smoked a pack a day for 20 years. I knew smoking was taken a toll on my body but I could not stop. I could not go a day with out smoking then one Sunday night while watching TBN I asked God to help me to stop smoking. The next day when I woke up I didn't want to smoke no more. Have faith and give GOD a chance."
# 134: Jason - California

I Prayed: Dear God, I Cannot Do This By Myself...Please Take The Craving From Me.
I Have Not Smoked Or Had Any Replacement Nicotine Since I Put That Last Cigarette Out.
I Am In Awe That It Has Been So Easy.

"I have been a cigarette smoker for 35 years. I will be 45 next month. The company I work for offered their employees a smoking cessation program. I received my 'gum' and a 'coach'. I picked the 28th of February 2012 as my last day to smoke. I had my last cigarette at 11:00pm and went and threw away 21 cigarettes and went to bed. I prayed: Dear God, I cannot do this by myself, I know you love me and have a plan for me, because you gave me my life back when I was brain dead for 7 days. I don't want to smoke any more, please take the craving from me. When I woke up the next morning (hadn't smoked all night, I usually wake up 2-3 times a night from pain and go smoke) I prayed Lord thank you for helping me not smoke during the night, please be with me thru the day, because I can't do this by myself. I had my coffee and then had my first 4mg gum. 5 minutes later I was sick from the gum. Today is March 9th. I have not smoked or had any replacement nicotine since I put that last cigarette out. I find the smell of cigarettes to be very offensive, and have not stuggled with any desires to even have a cigarette. I am in awe that it has been so easy. I have been addicted to crack, heroin, meth alcohol, pot and acid, and the only thing that helped me get off is time-in prison. Then I found the lord in January of 2008. I know that ALL thing are possible through Christ. Because I continue to be a living miracle of His Grace and Mercy."
# 133: Marguerite - California

Today, I Received The Power That Jesus Offered Long Ago;
The Power To Demand Satan And His Cronies To Stay Away From Me And My Life.

"I am fifty years old and have smoked cigarettes since I was sixteen. I started when two of my girlfriend spent the night with me and have been a slave to nicotine since then. I love the Lord, my God, very much. He has been showing me amazing things, especially during the last ten years. I have started losing my breath if I walk very far. I have been coughing and full of mucous on a regular basis. Attempts at quitting this nasty habit have failed in the past, because Satan convinced me that I deserved them or one of his other most popular lies. Today, I received the power that Jesus offered long ago; the power to demand Satan and his cronies to stay away from me and my life. I bound him in Jesus's name. From here on out, I will rest on the lap of my beloved Father and depend on Him to give me the strength I need to keep the evil one away from my life. Lastly, but not least. One of the ten commandments states that we shall have no gods before our God. When we give cigarettes and the nicotine demon so much power that we become enslaved to this filty habit for so many years, is that not worshipping a false god? Today, I chose to worship the only true God, our creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. There will be nothing before Him. My home is free from the liar and deceiver."
# 132: Cheryl - Missouri

I Asked God, "What do you want from me?
My Cigarette Then Burned Out Completely. After Lighting It Again, It Burned Out Again...

"I spent the day at my best friends house who lives right around the corner from me. Her Mom has become very religious and was telling me all about how the Holy Spirit has saved her life and made her so happy. I kept thinking I wanted that feeling so bad. I went home that night and decided to go for a walk. I stepped outside and asked God for the first time in a while, "What do you want from me? What can I do?" I lit up my cigerette fully and took a drag. My cigarette then burned out completely. I knew right away this was a sign, but I went against it and lit up my cigarette again. I had cold chills up my arms and back the whole time. I knew this was the Holy Spirit. I walked around the corner with my cigg lit and right when I got in front of my friends house my cigarette burned completely out again. I had only smoked half of it. Something told me I had to tell my friends Mom so I knocked on her door and told her what had happened to me. She said, "Jenn I prayed for you to stop smoking today!" I know now I don't want to smoke and I pray the Holy Spirit takes away my cravings!"
# 131: Jennifer - Pennsylvania

If We Give It To Our Lord He Will Deliver Us From Any Bondage.
"I Googled scriptures to read first about suffering that seemed to help, but what I didn't realize is that I needed more than help. I needed to be delivered! I came across a page that listed Christian counsel that included Psalm 50:15 call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me... What a difference it is from suffering to being delivered! If we give it to our Lord he will deliver us from any bondage. Praise God, He is so deserving and so wonderful."
# 130: Wendy - USA

Good Bye Cigarettes, I Won't Miss You...
"I'm not like others. I loved cigarettes... I loved how they took away the everyday stress in my life. However I am an overweight truck driver and had several chest pains near or around my heart. Faced with my mortality after almost 39 years of a blessed, almost perfect health. I watched a program called Fat, Sick and Near Death. The weight started coming off and still My body is shedding years of gluttony. (Praise God) I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and have started to reread the bible. Jesus was speaking to sagisees and the pharisees when he said in John 2:19 if you destroy this temple I will raise it again in 3 days. In Matthew 26:61 Matthew wrote "this man stated", "I am able to destroy the temple of God and rebuild it in 3 days" our bodies are the temple of god. 1 Corinthians 3:17 says, "If any man destroys the temple of the Lord, then God will destroy him, for Gods temple is holy and you are that temple. It isn't just cigarettes its anything that shortens our life. The verse just before that reads in 1 Corinthians 3:16 Do you not know that you are Gods temple and that the spirit of God dwells in you?... When I realized what God had done for me. I gave my life to him in service... Today I am a different man than the day I made that choice and tomorrow I wont be the same as I was today. If I am trying always to do Gods will, then it is simply inevitable that God strips the chains of bondage from me... Good bye Cigarettes, I won't miss you..."
# 129: Kevan - Utah

After 2 Days And Having Faith And HIS Timing, I Am Free!!!
"I am in day 4 of quitting and I cannot be more grateful to HIM who has delivered me from my 30+ years of smoking. I realize I'm only in day 4 and the battle is not over. BUT I KNOW the war is won! I was afraid to quit for years for fear of failing.. I prayed half heartedly for months because I wasn't sure I was ready to give them up (cigarettes). Then I TRUSTED that HE would get me through and I prayed for HIS will to be done. I cut back on the amount of cigarettes I smoked for the first few days to see how I felt... giving myself 2 weeks to quit. But after 2 days and having Faith and HIS timing, I am free!!! Thank you Jesus! I know not to trust my own feelings... instead, TRUST HIM."
# 128: Carol

The Lord Gave Me A Revelation As To How Destructive This Habit Actually Is.
"Hi I'm 38 years old, and was smoking for about 22 years, a pack or even up to 3 packs a day! I came back to the Lord after a long while of backsliding, and I felt that He was telling me that my smoking was stopping healing n other areas of my life, my family etc. so on and off now for the last few months I was battling with this terrible addiction, but after being here a few times, and spending time in prayer, the Lord gave me a revelation as to how destructive this habit actually is, and how by smoking, I was creating huge mental and spiritual problems in other areas of my life too. I kept on reading the verse about how a little yeast can ruin a whole batch of dough (smoking was my yeast), and I believe because I have quit today, the Lord will bless and heal other parts of me too. All thanks and praise go to Jesus Christ our Lord. His patience and guidance in dealing with this in me is astounding! Through him all things are possible. Don't give up, keep asking the Lord for His help. He wants to and He can heal you!"
# 127: Brent

I Don't Even Have The Desire Anymore To Smell Cigarettes.
God Has So Much Planned For You And Smoking Yourself To Death Doesn't Help His Plan.

"Hi, I'm Al age 19 and I've smoked ever since I got out of High School. I used to be the kid in my group of friends that never smoked and I tried it one time and every time I would be with my friends I would smoke more and more and eventually I was smoking packs a day. About a few months ago I found God and really understood what He's trying to do with our lives. I've tried to quit smoking in this time period but I couldn't do it. But there was a problem, I was trying on my own will power to stop and that obviously didn't work. I went at the maximum of 1 day without one and I felt like I was in a deep whole. THIS past weekend changed my while perspective on what it means to give something up. Sunday came around and I found I didn't have any cigs so I told myself I was going to give it another shot, but this time I asked God to guide me through it and that has to be one of the best moves I made in a while. It's been 4 days and no cigs for me, I don't even have the desire anymore to even smell them which is weird because one week ago I was smoking my life away. God has so much planned for you and smoking yourself to death doesn't help His plan. Think of all the good things that can come from not smoking when you try to quit. And most importantly stay positive!"
# 126: Al - Illinois

I Heard A Voice, More Of A Thought That Wasn't Mine, Say...
"Quit Smoking And I Will Heal You."

"2 years ago while rolling a cigarette I heard a voice, more of a thought that wasn't mine, say "Quit smoking and I will heal you". I think it referred to my fears that I'd already damaged myself a little from smoking. So I quit, for a little while and then got back into smoking & drinking and lost touch with God. Recently I have come closer to God again and have stopped completely 5 days ago. I know I'm healed because I am repulsed by the thought of drinking or smoking. I just went out fishing with my brother who has been overseas in Indonesia for 3 years. He brought beers and cigarettes with us. I was sorely tempted and could have easily had a beer and cigarette but found strength in Gods promise to me "Quit smoking and I shall heal you". Also, while being tempted tonight, I remembered a verse from the Bible "Touch not the unclean thing and I shall receive you". Thank you Lord for your promises in my times of trial."
# 125: Stephen - New Zealand

I Do Not Have A Desire To Smoke And There Is No Struggle This Time
The Lord Knew My Silent Aspiration

"I am now 58 and have been smoking from the age of 20. I have tried over the years to give up smoking and did many times and struggled over several years for giving up tobaccoo. I did manage sometimes to remain away from 2 days to 2 months and there was always a struggle and suffered with mood swings, sleepless nights, etc. On 3rd of July this year a friend of mine invited me for the first time for a Christian church meeting. I did smoke my last cigarette two hours prior to this meeting and since that I have not smoked, but the greater thing is that I do not even have a desire to do so and there is no struggle this time. Although I did not pray at that first Christian meeting for smoking cessation, but deep down the Lord knew my silent aspiration and till date I am thankful to HIM for granting this blessing."
# 124: Mario - Dubai UAE

God Told Me To Quit Smoking Multiple times
I'm Going To Follow God's Footsteps Once And For All

"God told me to quit smoking multiple times and I did for a time but I recently picked a pack up and started again but now I feel like I finally have the will to do so. I'm a father to be and I started smoking since the age of 14. I felt that it was what would make me look more mature and such but I regret ever trying it. So I'm doing Gods will and not putting anything in front of Him. If I can't quit smoking it's because I love cigarettes more then God which is false so to prove this I am stopping for good. Also I don't want my baby whom is being born this month to pick up the habit through seeing me. I want him to be the best of me not the worst. So I'm going to follow Gods footsteps for once and for all and show the world God lives through all of us."
# 123: Francisco - California

Tonight I Am Free And I Say This With Great Confidence.
"Tonight I have said the prayer to be free of bondage and my addiction to cigarettes. I have been trying to quit smoking for several months with my renewed faith in Jesus and my longing to be closer to the Lord. I know I must beat this challenge in my life. I have been praying and trying my hardest but every time I have failed and then felt ashamed and a disgrace for not being able to do this for my Lord. Tonight I came online to find a way the Lord can help me beat my addiction. I came across this website and read the testimonies to tears. Not only have they been helpful, but I realized I am not alone in this process. Tonight I am free and I say this with great confidence. I will not fail again and I will not let myself be bitter in weakness and in pain because the Lord Jesus Christ is always with me. I completely give my life to the Lord and I will walk in His ways and rid myself of the evil things that satin has put near me to destroy me. Though there might be temptation it is my choice to take the bait or stand strong and I chose to stand strong with my Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you all."
# 122: Kadie - Georgia

Today I Have Been Healed.
God Needs Us As A Part Of His Body To Be Pure And Holy, To Do His Will.

"I have actually quit smoking before for almost a whole year, by the power of God. I told myself I had to be strong to do His work in this world. Then a mission from God the enemy used my stress to draw me back in. I have been smoking again for 9 months now and after coming to this webpage, with a burning desire to quit and hatred for smoking. Today I have been healed. I have been looking for others who were struggling with this too, who offer advice, and I found it through their testimonies. It was learning how Satan uses cigarettes and every way he can to lead us to killing ourselves. All it takes is one thought from him and one will be led to doing it. For me quitting was only hard because of the bondage that I didn't know even existed. I had already began to hate them, the taste, and smell. Today I declare that the enemy has no power over my life, my health, or lungs, because I belong to Christ Jesus. It is my prayer that we can all finally realize what leads us to this form of idolatry, and quit forever, because God needs us as a part of His body to be pure and holy, to do His will. I love Jesus more than I loved the thought of a cigarette on my worst days."
# 121: Jarmiria - North Carolina

Today Like So Many Of You I Was Directed To This Site.
I Pray And Believe That I Will Finally Have A Testimony.

"About a year and a half ago the Holy spirit started directing me in Bible prophecy and how all the things going on in the world is directly related to our Lord coming back. I could see and was amazed at how everything is directly lining up just as Jesus said it would in the very last days. I started trying to get right with God by praying and going to church, reading the word etc..I wanted to give everything to him and then the Holy Spirit told me I need to give up my addictions. Smoking of course is one of them. I can't even begin to tell you how much grief and condemnation this addiction has been putting me thru the last several months. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for the Lord to deliver me. I have even had many other people pray for me. Last night, my wife and I held hands and I prayed to the Lord after reading his word that He says if 2 or more come together in agreement and ask of me then it will be done and so we prayed this together to be delivered from smoking and any other habit/addiction that is not pleasing to him. Today like so many of you I was directed to this site. So I don't have a literal testimony yet but by the Grace of God for the umteenth time! I pray and believe that I will finally have a testimony of how the Lord delivered me from all habits/addictions very soon. Praise the Lord and thank all of you. He is coming sooo very soon precious brothers and sisters!! Love you all"
# 120: Tim - Ohio

It Clicked, I Don't Need Products, I Need JESUS To Quit Smoking.
I Said The Prayer, I Spoke To God, I Shunned Satan. I Feel FREE.

"I found this site while doing online shopping for smoking alternatives. For the past month, I have been using different PRODUCTS, like patches, gum, etc, which have not helped. I found this site, and it clicked. I don't need products, I need JESUS to quit smoking. I said the prayer, I spoke to God, I shunned Satan. I feel FREE. In the past, I would be running for my "last" smoke, feeling I would have to have one more. Not today, I realized that Satan is the one giving me those thoughts. Why allow him to fool me any longer. This body and soul belongs to GOD, not Satan. I'm done with smoking, no more for me!!"
# 119: Rachel - Texas

I Quit Smoking In The Name Of The Lord Jesus
"I have smoked since I was 13 years old now I am 41. I need to quit for my health. I prayed to God for His help to make me quit. Labour Day Sept 5th,2011. I quit smoking in the name of the Lord Jesus."
# 118: Tessa - Canada

Today I Fully Realise That God Doesn't Want Us To Smoke.
"Today I fully realise that God doesn't want us to smoke. We do not need any addictive crutch. We only need Gods guidance and we must allow God to do this. I was smoking for 24 and a half years. I had quit for 5 days and today I smoked 19 cigarretes in a short space of time. No more. Gods divine plan does not include cigarretes. Smoking is an illness of the mind that affects everyone around you. I give myself totally to my Lord Jesus Christ and thank him for my good health. God bless you all."
# 117: Jim - Australia

I Heard God Say, "I Want Your Body To Be Pure And Free Of Addictions
So That I Can Live In You And Use You For My Will."

"I was a pack a day smoker until 5 days ago I was praying, thanking God that I was alive and forgiving my enemies so that God would forgive me, too. And I got flooded with the Holy Spirit and I am feeling really happy, you know, just like love is eveywhere. So I'm digging on that feeling and I hear God say, 'I want your body to be pure and free of addictions so that I can live in you and use you for my will.' And I said, 'Yes! Yes, God, I can do what you ask of me!' I know it has only been 5 days but it's like, what would I rather do? Smoke? Or obey my heavenly father? No contest! I was curious to see if other people have had this expirence so I looked it up on google and I was so happy to come across this website! These 5 days have been painful from withdrawls and I know that satan is trying his best to tempt me away from my duty. When I feel this way I think to myself, 'My discomfort is nothing compared to the torture jesus suffered on the cross. I have no reason to complain.' "
# 116: Alison

While Smoking God Spoke To Me And Said, "This Is Your Last Cigarette..."
"Friends, family, colleagues have been at me for months now to quit smoking and my answer has always been "I enjoy it and will stop when I'm ready"! Well today I'm ready, I gave my heart to Jesus 7 months ago and have not had the total desire to quit until now. I went outside for a smoke break and while smoking GOD spoke to me and HE said: "This is your last cigarette, take the packet home, gather your kids and crush the packet under your feet. With your kids in prayer come into agreement that this is what you want to do and I promise that you will NEVER have a craving" WOW I didn't even finish the cigarette, I got up from the seat and once back at my desk was directed by The Most High JESUS CHRIST to this website. I'm totally in awe of the Holy Spirit that works such wonders in our lives. Praise God eternally."
# 115: Mirielle - South Africa

Thank You Jesus For Releasing Me From This Bondage
"I am a 23 year old male from Singapore. Praise GOD for He will really cleanse our body from this bondage! I am really blessed to have come across this website and I have cast out the devil in Jesus glorious name! Thank you Jesus for releasing me from this Bondage and that I may serve you and you only."
# 114: Simon - Singapore

I Made A Promise To God And My Addiction Has Been Lifted!
"I have just quit smoking, and binded Satan. I know through the love that Jesus has for me I will never pick up another cigarette again. I made that promise to Almighty God and through Jesus my addiction has been lifted. Praise God!!"
# 113: Crystal - Florida

God Has Delivered Me Today From That Addiction!
"God has delivered me today from that addiction... I know it real. Thank you God..I give all the praise!!"
# 112: Amber - Texas

After 14 1/2 Years Of Smoking God Took This Filthy Habit From Me
"After fourteen and a half years of smoking, I quit smoking on May 4th, 2008. I started smoking in late 1993 due much to tobacco companies staging promotions, offering prizes for collecting proof-of-purchase from cigarette packs. My sister, Patty's family talked about collecting Marlboro Miles which eventually led to smoking. After struggling with smoking and many attempts to quit, through much prayer on my own part and having others pray for me, I finally came to my senses and had God take the filthy habit from me."
# 111: Steven - New York

I Quit Cold Turkey 5 Months Ago! Through Christ All Things Are Possible!
"I gave my heart to the Lord almost 1 year ago. 5 Months ago I started feeling the conviction to quit smoking. I started by confessing that I could not do this alone and Satan told me again at that moment that I would try and fail again like I had countless times before. I asked the Lord for strength and to see me through. I confessed my faith in him and that I knew I could do anything through him. I had to pray for strength countless times each day but I quit cold turkey that day 5 months ago! I'll never be a smoker again because my God finishes the work he starts. Through Christ all things are possible!"
# 110: Jeremiah - USA

Quit Cigarettes For About 6 Weeks Now And Have No Desire Or Withdrawals!
"I had recently come back to the Lord and while experiencing some awesome days in the Holy Spirit, I still had a smoking habit. Well, He prepared my heart to quit and I felt that I wanted to honor Him by being a vessel of honor for Him to dwell in. I was honest with Him and told Him I enjoyed smoking and He would have to help me not want them. Well, the next day, I found this website and printed the page on quitting Gods way. And I was ready. I purposed in my heart to give myself enough grace to finish the last couple of cigarettes in the pack and I would be done. I literally couldn't wait to finish my last one, smoking it ever so fast! I was so excited and smiling and really in faith about quitting. Well, let me tell you what happened. I had no withdrawals of wanting them or any physical "jonesing" for them. I was a little fatigued but that was all for me! I have been quit from cigarettes for about 6 weeks now and have no desire to ever revisit that habit again! Thanks so much for your site and I will be passing this on. One of the other things I prayed was for Him to help me quit in such a way that I could help others. I have already had one request for this information, so taking it to a sister in the Lord today. Hallelujah!"
# 109: Vicki - South Carolina

Thank You To My Most Holy Father In Heaven For Helping Me Quit This Awful Habit!
"I'd been an off and on smoker for over 20 years. Was really getting fearful of cigarettes but could not put them down. I found this website and KNEW that Jesus could help me quit. I tried the first time about 2 months ago...but did not say the prayer earnestly. I was only "half-way" into it...Jesus knew...He knows ALL :) April 6th, I re-dedicated myself to the prayer and to believing that God and Jesus could help me. I found myself everyday smoking less and less...I just didn't want them anymore! I went all the way down to smoking 3 cigarettes a day and thought that I am ready to put them down for good! It has now been 4 days since a cigarette and I think I am doing wonderfully....not having the issues I usually did trying to quit. I DON'T WANT THEM AND DO NOT HAVE ANY DESIRE!!! PRAISE BEAUTIFUL, SWEET JESUS FOR HIS HELP...THANK YOU TO MY MOST HOLY FATHER IN HEAVEN FOR HELPING ME QUIT THIS AWFUL HABIT! I give all the glory for my quit to my most Merciful Lord and my Saviour, Jesus Christ...thank you!"
# 108: Lisa - USA

Today Is My Birthday And Tonight I Laid This At His Feet.
"Today is my birthday...I promised my husband I would quit smoking today. I have been thinking how hard it was going to be. I got on my knees and asked God to give me the strength I needed to quit. I am going to be 51...while I prayed I told God that He has things for me to do and I can't do them if I'm smoking and constantly thinking about the next cigerette. So tonight I laid this at His feet. After I said my prayer I came to this website, which only re-enforces my conviction to quit...and not let satan rob me of my life! Thank you for the encouragement I needed! Amen"
# 107: Marlene - Baltimore, Maryland

I Have Tried Lozenges, Patches And Gum
Today I Found A New Approach...Thank You God!!

"I have dipped moist snuff since 1978 and smoked quite a bit during high school. I have attempted quitting too many times to count. I have tried lozenges, patches and gum, it was only swapping nicotine. Today I searched for a new approach, and I have found it. Thank You God!!"
# 106: Lee - Texas

I Read The Prayer Out Loud And I Believe God For My Freedom
"I thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the power to stop smoking. The Holy Spirit through my 16 year old daughter told me to google a Christian site to help with my unsucessful plan to quit smoking. This was the first site that came up, and I read the prayer out loud and I believe God for my freedom, and I am writing the vision so it may speak. I have tried so many times, and even went back to smoking after three years, thinking I was in control. It has been so much harder since then. I repented to God and asked Him to give me another chance, for He is the God of second chances. I am 52 yrs old and have been singing all my life. I asked the Lord to restore my beautiful voice which was damaged from smoking. I believe God, and take Him at his word, for it shall not return to him void, but will accomplish what he sent it to do. So for those who need a second or even third chance God is in that kind of business, for - give - ness !!!!!!!"
# 105: Denise - New Jersey

GOD COMPLETELY TOOK IT ALL AWAY! The withdrawals were instantly gone.
I Don't Even Feel Like I Ever Was A smoker.

"In March of 2009 I was smoking 1 to 1.5 packs a day and had been for 26 years. I had quit 6 times and failed each time, even started back after a whole year. There was a revival coming to my church and I planned to use the prayers I learned here and quit during the revival. I began praying the prayers for about 4 or 5 days prior to the revival. I went to church on Thursday night, I was going to get geared up, smoke my last pack and quit on Friday night. God had other plans. I put the cigarettes down Thursday night. The following day was rough. I had full fledged withdrawals: headache, chest pain, shakes, nervousness etc... but I was committed and just kept praying and praying. By the time Friday night revival rolled around I was a basketcase. I smoked about a half cigarette before I went. I was pacing around the back of the church, taking deep breaths and praying my prayer over and over again. The evangalist called for anyone to come to the alter that needed healing and I went. I don't remember much after that. The evangalist laid hands on me, he had the ladies of the church join him, he delved into some underlying issues that I had and GOD COMPLETELY TOOK IT ALL AWAY! The withdrawals were instantly gone. The desire was instantly gone. I have not had a cigarette since and it's been almost 2 years. I never will again. I don't even feel like I ever was a smoker. GOD HEALS. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That which Jesus sets free is free indeed! That is my cornerstone! Thank you so much for having this website to help guide others to His healing power. Guess what our opening song was on Saturday night??? I am Free! Thanks again and I hope this inspires others to have the faith. I share my story with anyone who's willing to listen."
# 104: Jacque - Texas

Smoke Free For 17 Days.
No Real Cravings, No Patches, No Gum, No Withdrawls.
Thank You Jesus, My Lord & My God!!!!!!!

"I struggled with the feeling that I needed to quit for years. I am a Christian & I do love the Lord. I was always ready to give Him every area of my life except the smoking area. Knowing scripture & knowing the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I felt so guilty, but smoked anyway. One day, I decided I was sick & tired of the control this stuff had on my life. It is expensive, it stinks, it is not what a Christian should be doing in that it is a sin, it is not healthy for me & I didn't want to die a smoker & have to explain that when I met Jesus in heaven. So, I decided to step out in faith & trust the Lord to deliver me from this addiction. It is a bad habit but it is also a stronghold. I hated it & loved it at the same time. I found this website, read the pray, prayed the prayer & decied to believe what I as a Christian believed. That the Lord not only could, but would deliver me if I just trusted Him. I had to do my part in laying the cigarettes down, which I did. I am 48 yrs old, I have been a full time smoker for 31 years & praise God almighty I have now been smoke free for 17 days!!! No real cravings, no patches, no gum, no withdrawls. I feel a weight has been lifted off of me & the freedom I feel is like nothing else. Thank you Jesus, my Lord & my God!!!!!!!"
# 103: Shirl - Kansas

3 Days Went By And I Hadn't Thought About A Cigarette.
I Really Appreciate God For Doing What He Says He Will.

"I know I have to be patient and I have been for a while now but there was this hankering... smothering...death sentence...cloud over my head called cigarettes Newport box 100 menthol yea I smoked for 11 years I smoked my butt off. I mean I smoked so much I hated it literally. I would do it and it would make me sick and give me headaches and make my stomach hurt...I tried herbal, over the counter, cold turkey, but no matter how hard I tried I could not quit. Then there came God. He told me from the beginning there is nothing you can do on your own and I thought I understood...but I guess not...I gave it to Him but not totally constantly dwelling on the negative effect it has on me and feeling hopeless...so I decided to fast, yes my 115 lb body fasted...It was suppose to be for 21 days but I couldn't. I tried Lord knows I tried and I believe God knows when you whole heartedly want to do something for Him and rewards you for your effort just like with faith. I was fasting for Him and He gave me Peace and I didn't even realize I had stopped craving them 3 days in, and that was the day I gave up. Three days went by and I hadn't thought about a cigarette I mean If you know me, you know I can go 3 days but not without thinking about them. I mean I couldn't believe it. I was smoke free once and for all. I could feel the Spirit took it away and it was miraculous. This is the one single most miraculous thing that has ever happened to me I mean really I just couldn't stop by MYSELF. I had prayed so many times, cried so many times, cried out so many times and then the Spirit led me to fast and I did. I had read the story of Esther and felt Gods spirit lead me to fast. This is the first step to my total holy and clean state. I also feel 10 times better because of this and I really appreciate God for doing what He says He will. He has never let me down...Thank you Lord."
# 102: Tina - Georgia

I No Longer Need This Cancer Stick
"Thank you and God Bless you above and beyond all you could ever ask or think. I really needed that word from you. That personal word. It has pushed me to that 100% you mentioned. I no longer need this cancer stick. All I need is the perfect endless love God gives limitlessly."
# 101: Mattias - Indonesia

I Asked God To Deliver Me.
I Have Been Smoke Free Since And Don't Desire To Smoke!

"Tried to quit on my own nine months prior to coming to your site. Quit that first time ever for three months and was offered a drink to issue in Mardi Gras and had my recurrence of smoking. I was disappointed at myself. Nine months later I was talking with God and realizing that my body is a temple, Gods temple and not my own. I had no clue before yielding myself to God to use me as He would. Jesus I really wanted to stop smoking I prayed, and I asked God to deliver me. Don't know how I got to your site but I recall reading that it was no mistake that I ended up here and that God was leading me. I have been smoke free since then and don't desire to smoke. Thank you God!"
# 100: Karen - Louisiana

I Asked The Lord And He Answered Me.
"Praise Jesus. I asked the Lord to give me strength, to take control. I quit smoking because I asked the Lord and He answered me. He gives me strength. Thank you Lord! God bless!"
# 99: Christina - Pennsylvania

I Prayed That God Would Give Me Dominion Over Cigarettes.
He Did And It Has Never Been Easier...

"I was a pack a day, or more, smoker for a long time. I started just like everyone else, thinking that I would not get addicted and just experimenting with it. That turned into 4 long years of bad breath, bad health, and my clothes and house always stinking. My heart would beat very fast and I would always be coughing up mucus from the smoke. I can honestly say, despite all the draw backs, I loved smoking, there was nothing like having a cigarette after eating for me, or after doing hard work, or any kind of activity that got me excited. I would immediately feel the urge to go outside and light up one, maybe two. It got so bad that if I ran out and was broke I would go pick butts out of ash trays and yards and roll them up into a new one. I felt like a bum doing this and became very ashamed of my habit. I tried everything I could without Jesus to quit, but the thing with cigarettes is it is not just a physical addiction, it stems from a emotional insecurity we have learned to meet with cigarettes. Thank God one day I met Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as well. I did not immediately quit after saying the sinners prayer, but I knew it wouldn't be long. I struggled for a little bit, but then I prayed that God would give me dominion over them. He did, and it has never been easier to go without cigarettes, the urge is gone, my house smells fresh, and I feel much healthier. Praise God!"
# 98: Daniel - Arizona

I Quit Smoking Today And Now It Is Official.
"I have to proceed living this life without such a habit. I quit smoking today and now it is official."
# 97: Alex - Illinois

This Really Worked For Me And Could Work For You Too!
Thank You God For Helping Me Stand Firm.

"I would like to thank who ever created this website and also say thank you to God for helping me stand firm. This thing really worked for me and could work for you too! I'm 25 years old and I'm sad to say smoked since I was 12. That's more than half my life. With the help of God I haven't had a cigarette since I read this web page over two months ago on September 28th 2010! This may seem like a short amount of time, but back when I smoked I couldn't see myself going a few hours let alone a couple months without a cigarette. To me, this is a miracle. I'm sad to say I also drank and used drugs most of those 13 years as well. But with the help of AA and God I'm happy to say I have been sober over 9 months. When I let Jesus back into my heart He just cleaned me out and changed me profoundly. I used to be ashamed and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Now I can say that I'm proud of who I am and I have a place and purpose in Jesus' loving hand. I had been looking for a way to stop smoking after I quit drinking and drugging. Nothing seemed to work though. Then I found this website and my eyes opened. I hadn't planned on quiting that day or anything I just stumbled into this site. As I recited the prayer aloud, a ferious rage boiled up inside of me. I couldn't believe how long I had let the devil live in my heart and how long he had decieved me with his lies. I had three cigarettes left and I crushed them to dust, rolling the pack viciously between my palms. I had had enough. I made my promise to Jesus to never let another cigarette touch my lips and so I haven't. Thank you very much."
# 96: Rick - Minnesota

Thanks To Jesus Christ For Giving Me A Second Chance In Life.
"I just quit smoking as I am writing this thank you Jesus for taking this habit away from my life, I have tried to quit many of times on my own, and it don't work, when I started writing this I found another pack of cig... I lit one and put it out before I started back writing this. Yeah the devil almost had me, but God is alot stronger than that, and so is my faith, I copied the prayer and put it in the front and back of the old habbit, as a reminder that God always comes first, so get behind me devil I'm not listening to you anymore... I gave up drugs and alcohol 2 years ago now this drug is gone also. Thanks for this web site and even more thanks to Jesus Christ for giving me a second chance in life, I'm 47 years old and have a loving husband, 4 lovely daughters and 7 beautiful grandchildren, I want my temple to be Christ like and live to watch my Grandchildren grow in Christ....Thanks for everything, I have a new life..today is the day at 11:10 on 11\16\2010."
# 95: Janet - Mississippi

I Am Giving My Testimony Now Because I Believe In Him!
"Just a few moments ago, I said this prayer... along with some of my own words and cast the devil and cigarette addiction out of my life in My Lord and Savior's name! My God is stronger than the devil. I know it and I believe it. I am giving my testimony because I believe in Him! Through the power of Jesus Christ, I have cast it out of my life and I know it will work. Yes, I am giving my testimony now, but it's because I believe. I have been smoking for 27 years. No problem!"
# 94: Lisa - Tennessee

I Smoked For 50 Years And Stopped By Turning It Over To God
"I stopped smoking the same way I did for drinking 28 years ago. I turned it over to God in Jesus name and no pills. Only me and the boss Jesus. I smoked for 50 years a pack a day...sometimes 2 packs."
# 93: Rev Rob - United States

I Knelt Down And Asked God To Help Me Battle Nicotine
I Never Have Wanted One Again Or Had A Nicotine Withdrawl Symptom.

"In 2008 I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I was 53 years old. Going through so much before being saved I had smoked cigars like cigarettes for 3 years. The pace I was on would be the equivalent of 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day. Four days after the Holy Spirit entered my body I told God that after all these years of being without him I would certainly be dead in 2 years at the pace I was on with smoking. As I got ready for bed on that 4th day, I knelt down and asked God to help me battle the nicotine and that if he would help me, I would try real hard. I awoke the next day and realized after being up for a couple of hours that I was doing good, the want never came. Its 2010 and I never have wanted one again or had a nicotine withdrawel symptom. God gave me something special. The proof above all that He is who he says He is."
# 92: Earl - United States

This Time I Have Won This Battle - In Jesus Name I Am A Non-Smoker!
"I have smoked off and on for about 7 years. I have been trying to quit for the past year. Nothing seems to work at all. A few weeks back I gave it to the Lord and he took it all from me, no cravings nothing. But just after a few days satan came back and I gave in. Tonight I had 3 cigerettes left and I threw them away. I came in and was reading my Bible and the Lord directed me to google a web site for Christian ways to quit smoking and I found this site. I have now made a promise to God to never smoke again. I said the prayer and rebuked satan and all of his followers. This time I have won this battle. In Jesus name I am a non-smoker and I will never turn back. Thank you Jesus for setting me free from this horrible addiction."
# 91: Vonda

I've Promised My God That I Won't Smoke Ever Again.
"I'm a 17 year old female who started smoking to just 'try it out.' I have these two friends who aren't Christians and had been smoking in front of me for so long I just had the urge to give it a go. Also, my best friend decided to do the same thing and so since we were best friends it grew to be something we did together. Of course I'd heard about all the effects of smoking but as I kept on trying and trying I kept on telling myself I would not become addicted. This was in October or November 2009. To the day, 19th June 2010, I still did not believe there was a problem until I tried to sleep that night. I was planning my lose weight regime and all of a sudden the fact that I had been smoking hit me very hard. I'm an aspiring singer and I knew that smoking was the cause of the stand-still in my voice (it was not improving), so I decided to look on google for a way to quit. I did this and found a site which suggested to pick a day to stop and I picked next week. However, after I had done a bit of planning, I still did not feel right about the plan and I could not go back to sleep. As I was trying, something said to me 'look up verses to help stop bad habits in the Bible'. This site was the first site to appear on google. I looked at the other sites and thought 'this site is first for a reason and it seems good'. I'm telling you that my life has changed since I declared myself free and told the devil that he cannot dwell in me anymore. All his lies, all his deceit was washed away after I read the testimonies on the site and I knew the devil had played me for a fool. God would never do that and so I've promised my God that I won't smoke ever again. I'm throwing my cigarettes away tomorrow and I feel for the first time happy about it. I thank God so much for sending me to this site and for letting me know I was free a long time ago, I just needed to truly acknowledge that. Praise God! I can now get back to singing in church like I used to :)"
# 90: Whitney

After That Prayer A Month Ago, I Haven't Had A Cigarette Since. Praise God !
"I was smoking for seven years, and I found this page. I knew that if I wanted to be closer to God, there were things that I had to give up. So, I decided to quit smoking. I struggled, then finally I type in "How to Quit smoking the Chrisitian way" and all of a sudden, this site popped up. I read it because I really wanted to stop, and I wrote down the prayer. Went to the bathroom and really believed in my heart that this prayer would take over. I am 20 years old and after that prayer a month ago, I haven't had a cigarette since. Praise God!"
# 89: Tina

The Testimonies I Read Here Just Gave Me More Strength.
I Bounded Satan And Gave Him The Boot...Praise God For Delivering Me.

"I actually decided to quit smoking the day of my cousin's wedding (March 27th, 2010). I quit smoking afterwards while visiting a friend after the wedding. I use to hate cigarettes before I started smoking and don't know where or why the craving hit me to try it. The misleading thing about smoking, the lie that traps you is that you're in control of your addiction but, you're not. Cigarettes determined my need for smoking them when I woke up in the morning, after I ate a meal, talking on the phone, walking around outside, going to the bathroom, a whole host of activities. These normal, everyday activities had to be accompanied by smoking and I felt weird doing them without cigarettes. I wanted to get my life back to the way it was before I started smoking. There was one verse in the Bible that kept echoing in my head which is 1 Corinthians 6:12. The New Living Translation says "You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is good for you. And even though "I am allowed to do anything," I must not become a slave to anything." That's when I made the decision to stop. I hate the smell of cigarettes. I didn't even like the taste of them but, I kept right on smoking. The sensation of inhaling and exhaling smoke had me feeling like I was releasing my stress, another lie from satan because I should have taken my problems to God. What can be solved by smoking? Nothing. I also knew that God frowned upon it and since He blessed me with a beautiful singing voice, I knew I HAD to quit before I ruined it. I am very thankful for the talent of singing because it is something I love to do that is carried with me everywhere I go. I googled smoking and Christianity and found this website. I already had my mind made up to stop smoking the day before. The testimonies I read just gave me more strength. I binded satan and gave him the boot. I renounced smoking and praised God for delivering me and healing the damage I had done to my body. Now I'm looking forward to binding more things in my life and opening myself up to more of God's blessings. Bless everyone on their walk with God and from their release from addiction of all kinds. Amen"
# 88: JMarible

I Found This Website And The Powerful Prayer!
I Said It And Wow, I Felt The Power Of God Literally.
From That Moment I Have Not Smoked Another Cigarette, Not Even A Goodbye Cigarette!

"I have to give GOD all the praise and glory for setting me free from smoking! I love the LORD with all my heart and desired to quit this stinky, health and money thief! I was ashamed, so I was a secret smoker, I hated it, but I also liked smoking. God knew my heart, I desired to put him first and serve him over smoking. I had been pondering all of this in my heart and mind, on February 8, 2010, I decided to look up what other Christians were doing about this nasty habit, I found this website and the powerful prayer!! I had just bought a new carton of cigarettes and was on the 3rd pack. I saw the prayer and I said it and wow, I felt the power of God literally, I knew that something had just happened! From that moment I have not smoked another cigarette, didn't even have a goodbye cigarette! I knew that I was going to quit, just not that soon! I have not had cravings or withdrawals, period... It has been like a dream, God really took it all when he touched me! A few times I would start to think about it and automatically I would say "never again in Jesus Name." No problem, he heard me everytime I called out for help, the thoughts would leave instantly and this only happened a few times! God is so AWESOME, for me this has been so easy, it has been unbelievable, my husband is amazed at how easy it has gone, no ill moments or mood swings!! Just stay busy and pray, ask him for help IMMEDIATELY if the thought comes into your mind, SHUT IT DOWN INSTANTLY, don't give satan a foothold or crevice, don't entertain those old thoughts of smoking!!! Thank you my heavenly FATHER, I give you all the praise and glory!!!!"
# 87: Kay

I'm 18 And Pregnant With My First Child.
I Prayed To God To Give Me Strength To Quit And Went A Whole Day Without Smoking.

"I've been smoking for 4 years. I'm 18 years old, pregnant with my first child at almost 20 weeks. I didn't want to smoke no more. I stopped smoking yesterday and didn't crave for a cigarette as much as I thought I would. I prayed to God to give me the strength to quit and my father prayed for me too. I could never go an hour without one and all of a sudden when I prayed, I went a WHOLE day without smoking. That's a big improvement for me. He blessed with a baby, a baby girl at that. Now I can say He truly blessed me with the strength to quit."
# 86: Amber

God Told Me To Search In Google For Quitting Smoking.
I Read The Web Site And I Know Now That I'm No Longer A Smoker.

"God told me to search in Google for quitting smoking and I did. Just when I'm typing I added God to my search. I read the web site for about 20 minutes and I know now that I'm no longer a smoker."
# 85: Nemushungwa

This Website Changed My Life! I Read The Salvation Prayer And I Stopped
Smoking, Drinking and Cursing And Let Jesus Come Into My Life.

"This website changed my life! I wanted to quit smoking and in January I Googled, "prayer to quit smoking ", not thinking I was going to go through this all the way and then I seen this website and clicked and read the page on quiting and how satan wants people to smoke, I did the prayer. I then got interested and opened the Bible study center and then that led me to the salvation prayer of this site. I read on the page and then read the salvation prayer outside in a low voice, and meant it this time. I said what the heck might as well try. I felt changed and then my life has changed, I stopped smoking, no problem, then I wanted to stop drinking and I did! I slowly stopped cursing outloud, I still slip the very beginning of a curse word sometimes but I stop and catch myself and ask for forgivness! Any willful sins I have always done now I just pray for the desire to stop and let Jesus come in my life now that it belongs to him. Thanks for your wonderful website."
# 84: Nicky

I Laid My Burden At My Womens Church Ministry Retreat.
They Laid Hands On Me And We All Felt The Electricity Of The Lord.
I Did Not Smoke The Duration Of The Retreat And Threw The Pack Out My Car Window.

"I was at a retreat with the women from my Womens Church Ministry. The day I drove up to the secluded area where the retreat were to happen I smoked about a half of a pack. I knew that I would be too embarrassed to smoke around all of the women that would be there, so I left my pack in the car. During the retreat I never tried to sneak off to try to smoke and rarely ever thought of it. On the second day I confessed to the women in my group that I was struggling with a conviction. Eventually I confessed to them and laid my burden as God had directed me to do. The ladies gathered around me and laid hands. We all felt the electricity of the Lord during that prayer. I did not smoke the duration of the retreat and when I got into my car to drive home after that long weekend of rejoicing in the Lords light, I sprayed some air freshener and threw the pack out the window. Yeah, I may have been a litter that one time, but it was worth it to never have a pack of cigarettes in my hand again!"
# 83: Andrea

I Sent My Testimony To This Web Site Almost 4 Years Ago.
This November 1st - I Will Be Smoke Free For 5 Years.

"I quit smoking God's way. I sent my testimony to this web site almost 4 years ago. This November 1st - I will be smoke free for 5 years, Everyday I don't smoke it is a blessing from God, and I am amazed that God can take away such a habit."
# 82: Sherry

I Believe That The Holy Spirit Led Me To This Fantastic Website
I Very Boldly Cast Out Satan And The Spirit Of Addiction From My Life
I Could Sense Jesus Releasing Me From The Bondage Of Smoking
I Have Not Smoked Since That Evening And I Have No Desire To Smoke At All.

"I have been a smoker for many years (over 30 years) and I have tried all sorts of aids to stop smoking, from patches to the pills as well as trying the cold turkey method but nothing stopped my filthy habit. About a month ago I Googled God and smoking and found this site...I believe that The Holy Spirit led me to this fantastic website. I prepared myself to stop smoking by reading all of the testimonies on the site and setting the time to have my last smoke at 11pm on the 27th October. I then very boldly cast out satan and the spirit of addiction from my life. Following this I prayed your prepared prayer and I could sense Jesus releasing me from the bondage of smoking straight-away. I then prayed in tongues for a while and gave heartfelt thanks to God before heading to bed... I have not smoked since that evening and I have no desire to smoke at all - Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Amen."
# 81: Lynda

The Holy Spirit Whispered To My Spirit,
I Quit Smoking And I Will Never Ever Touch It Again.

"Hi my name is Diaa. Am Lebanese and I've been suffering from smoking since the first day of my salvation 2 years back. I tried many times to quit smoking by my own force by I couldn't. I prayed a lot, a even went to a fast but each time I found my self puffing again in less than 24 hours. I was in the office last Friday and I asked the Lord to lead my day, and Holy Spirit whispered to my spirit, "Look for QUIT SMOKING GOD'S WAY on Google", and I was impressed that I found a website with the same name. I went through the website, reading the testimony and I felt that's it. I am free I felt like I am having a new breath and I am free. Then a colleague came to my office and he asked me to join him at the smoking room so it came out from my mouth: "I quit smoking and I will never ever touch it again in my life." As soon as I testified it witnessed with my spirit and from that moment I was free. I went home with the anointing over me and I told my dad who is not a beleiver yet that I quit smoking so he decided to quit as well. Our home is now SMOKE FREE. It has been 4 days but I am sure that I am sure that I will never touch it again in Jesus Name. Praise God finally I was delivered from this bad habit. You cannot imagine how the devil use it during those 2 years to destroy me and to bring bad testimony to Jesus name especially from my mother. I pray that everyone who reads this testemony will be set free from smoking forever. God Bless you. I love you I am praying for you."
# 80: Diaa

I Am A Believer That God Directed Me Here
In The Name of Jesus, I Am Free From Nicotine.

"I have been battling smoking for 30 years. Began smoking at age 12 but tried stopping 30 yrs ago. I gave up I never could say no to the obsession. As of lately I have been wearing the patch and sneaking cigarettes. I researched the dangers of the combination and it is devastating ... cardiac failure at best. I called a friend and shared my dilemma, he told me he quit 3 months ago by asking God for help one day at a time... so I got off the phone, asked God for help...turned to my computer and typed in "quitting smoking and God" ... I found this website. I read testimonies shared by others... I am a believer that God directed me here...so a day at a time, the journey has begun. Thank you for being here for people, in the name of Jesus, I am free from nicotine."
# 79: Janice

I Asked The Lord To Show Me His Way To Quit.
His Spirit Led Me To This Web Page! PRAISE GOD!

"I had been struggling and feeling condemned regarding my addiction to cigarettes and after failing to quit by my own power I asked the Lord to show me His way to quit. His Spirit led me to this web page! PRAISE GOD! He whom the Son has set free is free indeed! My lips will never touch another cigarette ever again!"
# 78: Robert

I Heard a Voice Say, "What Does The Lord Say About Giving Up Smoking?"
So I Googled God and Smoking and Found This Site.

"My Lord my God. I awoke early this morning with my usual thought of having a cigarette with my cup of tea, and as I sat there I heard a voice say "What does the Lord say about giving up smoking?". So I googled God and smoking and found this site. I have wanted to be delivered from my addiction for many years and after saying the prayer I have destroyed the cigarettes I had left and I feel that I have power and the Lord has delivered me from this addiction."
# 77: Alliyah

I Was Scrolling The Net and Came Across This Website,
Almost As Though God Himself Directed Me To It.
I Could Literally Feel God Release Me From The Bondage
That Held Me Captive 12 Years!

"I just want to firstly commend the person who started this website, it is truly an inspiration that glorifies our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I have found over the years that each time I have tried to quite smoking, the moment I start, I would feel deprived so that instead of focusing on God, I would focus instead on my own deprivation. Of course I would start smoking again! I wouldn't even last a day! Four nights ago I was scrolling the net and came across this website, almost as though God Himself directed me to it. I prayed the prayer on here that very night and found myself breaking down in tears. It was as though I could literally feel God release me from the bondage that has held me captive for the past 12 years. The next morning I awoke and instead of feeling FEAR that I wouldnt be smoking anymore, I felt EXCITEMENT. I felt like for the first time in 12 years, I was now FREE!!!! Today is my 3rd day of being smoke free, and it is amazing. I never thought I would be HAPPY when first quitting. I never thought I would feel FREE. In the past, I have always, always felt so deprived, as though I was being a martyr! The feelings I have now, well- nothing compares. When you know God has literally set you free, all you feel is an overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy and an inner peace that the world cannot ever offer you when trying to quit THEIR way. I urge all of you- SEEK GOD. BELIEVE He can and WILL SET YOU FREE."
# 76: Sarahsays

I Tried The "Quit Smoking God's Way" and It Worked!
I Searched For "Christian Support For Quit Smoking" Which
Led Me To This Site But Really I Think It Was The Holy Spirit.

"I always thought I could never stop smoking. There was even a time when I didn't want to. It was the beginning of this year when I really though about quitting. Both my step-mom and best friend quit smoking. I started visting quit smoking sites. Order booklets in the mail. I tried on easter but couldn't do it. One day I was on the web and I put in the search for christian support for quit smoking. Which led me to this site. But really I think it was the Holy Spirit. I tried the "Quit Smoking God's way". And it worked. After I prayed I had one hit of a cigarette and I threw it away. I haven't had one in 9 days with really no withdrawls. And I have no desire to go to back. God took this burden from me. He's freed me from the bondage of smoking and He can do the same for you."
# 75: Justin

It's Been Three Months Since I've Quit Smoking.
I'm Thankful For Having Such A Wonderful Lord.

"I'm 26 years old and have been a smoker since I was 16. I tried everything to give up smoking, the gum, the pills, cold turkey, carrots and some things that are just too off the wall to name. Well, I got sick of being frustrated with myself. I knew it had done been time for me to quit. I did some research on the web on the most effective ways to quit, lo and behold, the one with the highest success rate (by a long shot!) was God. Go figure right :). I came accross this website and prayed. I prayed that the Lord would help me with this horrible addiction that I obviously could not control or stop on my own. I prayed for him to give me a spirit of self control and through his will to strengthen mine. While I was praying I kept getting that pesky little voice in my head, telling me the usual, I can't do it, God can't help, maybe it's just meant that I smoke. But then a word came to me and asked me, is it true that Jesus blamelessly died for your sins? Yes, I answered in my mind. Is it true that God raised Jesus from the dead thus defeating death? Yes, again. Well if that's all true then it must also be true that when Jesus said anything that you ask in my name shall be given unto you. I felt a little silly, no not for the dialog going in my head as that's kinda normal for me :) but for not trusting in the Lord. So I prayed again, this time much stronger. You know the feeling you get when you pray with conviction knowing that your giving your whole heart and your words are being received, that light feeling of the Lords love. I prayed "Lord Jesus, I thank you for your sacrifice and I thank you that by doing so you have freed me from this bondage called smoking, that I don't need to try to do it on my own, that you will do it for me as you promised. I thank you Lord and I love you. And from this day forward I will no longer be a prisoner of this addiction. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. It's been three months since I've quit smoking. I'd be lying to say it's been easy and I have no desire, because I do. But the lord helps me during those time as well. When I feel like I want to smoke, I just recognize it for what it is, a lie. Jesus has already freed me from this and his promise was and is truth, anything else, such as me wanting to smoke, is a lie. I'm thankful for having such a wonderful Lord. He can do it for you too. Thank you Jesus for helping these people as you've helped me!"
# 74: Jennifer

I Was Smoking At Least 2-3 Packs Per Day For Over 30 Years.
It's Been Almost Two Days Now. I Feel Like On A Spiritual High.
No Cravings Or Reactions. This Is A Miracle From God.

"I had been smoking for over 30 years only to get worse after raising three grandkids in the past two years. I was smoking at least 2-3 packs per day if not more sometimes. I turned to that more than God. I recently was rebaptised but I also had dreams and felt God was telling me something as to my burdens. So last week the preacher prayed over my smoking problem and then I found this site and prayed for at least 24 hours fasting from the smokes. Well I turned again to the smokes for three hours and I smoked 7 and then I said the prayer again with much more meaning and praise God I am not wanting none. It's been almost two days now. No cravings or reactions of not having any. Not even ill. I feel like I'm on a spiritual high since then and I even give a testimony at church. This is a miracle from God and I know that if you believe strong in Him anything is possible. Praise God each and every moment."
# 73: Dixie

I've Felt The Power Of This Before And To My Stupidity I chose To Smoke Again.
The Feeling That I Just Received Is Knowing That God Would Help Me Again.
I Am Now A Non-Smoker...Praise God.

"I have felt the power of this before and to my stupidity I chose to smoke again after 2 years of smoke free living. It's been 3 more years of failures (40 years of smoking ) enough. I started again because I was stressed out due to lifes daily problems and the buzz I recieved from the first few cigarettes I smoked again gave me short time relief. Patches, etc help but the feeling that I just received is knowing that God himself would help me again. I am confident that this spirtual awakening of God's power does live within all of us. There in the Bible I just read Ephesians 6:10 thru 24. No luck needed but I do ask of you reading this. Pray for me as I will do for you. I am now a non-smoker. Praise God. Thank you for posting the prayer 01/01/10 high noon."
# 72: Jack

I Praise God From The Bottom Of My Heart For Leading Me To This Web Site.
"For years and years I have tried to quit smoking and chewing, I have tried everything that's offered by the secular world. I have prayed about quitting for years and years and it all seemed impossible to be set free from this bondage of nicotine. I praise God from the bottom of my heart for leading me to this web site. Thank so much and may God richly bless you guys. All glory and praise belongs to God!"
# 71: Eskimos can be set free too

The Lord Delivered Me Completely From Smoking Cold-Turkey,
No Patches, Medications or Hypnosis. Just His Pure Healing Ways.
8 Months Later I've Never Touched Another Cigarette.

"I had been smoking close to a pack a day, it was effecting my health seriously, my breathing was labored, I had pain from bad circulation, my asthma was with me constantly around the clock, walking any real distance was impossible. Smoking was literally killing me - I was scared for the first time in my life because I couldn't seem to stop. I prayed telling God "I" was going to quit but I wanted His help. It wasn't really working. I kept going back to the cigarettes. After talking with a friend she suggested I ask Jesus to take on the entire task of delivering me from smoking which worked for her. I did. I asked my Lord Jesus to take the entire matter of my smoking under His care, confessing to Him that I was too weak to help Him. Praise His Holy righteousness, He delivered me completely from smoking, cold-turkey, no patches, medications or hypnosis or therapy of any other kind. Just His pure healing ways. 8 months later I've never touched another cigarette. I praise Him for I know I was too weak to quit by any other method. Before I quit I came to this site and marveled at the stories, praying I could be one of those blessed stories too. My prayer came true. I love you all and prayer for your deliverance from smoking now and forever."
# 70: Tony

The Lord Enabled Me To Quit Smoking.
"Praise God, and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Great Lord has empowered me to free my bondage from Satan. The Lord enabled me to quit smoking. Please continue to pray for me that the evil one will not be able to tempt me with smoking."
# 69: Tankh

I Was Delivered The Very Same Day I Prayed!
"I was delivered the very same day I prayed! Power in the name of Jesus! There is nothing like His power! He is able! Thank you Jesus for delivering me from this disgusting habit that I loved so much..Praise the lord!"
# 68: Jessica

After Smoking For 38 Years, The Lord Jesus Has Set Me Free From Bondage.
The Minister Said That The Lord Told Him To Tell Me To, "Mean It!"

"After smoking for 38 years, Lord Jesus has set me free from that bondage. I tried to quit many times on my own, but (I) could not. I heard someone preaching about praising the Lord for delivering me from smoking. Yes, even before I quit. So there I was, thanking the Lord for delivering me from smoking, while still smoking. As I did this, I noticed the urge to smoke was beginning to be a lot less than before. I still smoked, but very little. One day, at church, I was in a prayer line. I asked the minister to pray with me about a new beginning with the Lord. The minister looked at me and said that the Lord told him to tell me to, "Mean it!" With that I haven't smoked since, and I don't even want one. Praise the Lord!!!"
# 67: Lori

I Will NEVER Touch Another One Of Those Killer Sticks In My Life.
I Trust In My God And In Jesus.

"I had tried to stop smoking almost 2 months back in Jesus name and was successful for 2 weeks but then I started again. As the many other testimonies here, I googled today "How to stop smoking the christian way" and I came across this website. I am surpised at how much everything it says relates to my life too. As of now, I have stopped. And I really pray and hope that I will NEVER touch another one of those killer sticks in my life. I trust in My God and in Jesus. He has shown me so many miracles in my life and I know he's there for me every step of the way. God bless you all. Praise be to Jesus!"
# 66: Sunil

I Just Smoked My Last Cigarette and I Flushed The Rest.
I Feel He Has Just Now Set Me Free From This.

"I just smoked my last cigarette and I flushed the rest. I no longer want this unhealthy habit to take me over. I belong to God and God has set me free in Jesus name. I feel He has just now set me free from this and now I will keep my body safe and away from all bad habits and start living with the Word of God and letting others know what God has done for me and can do for them. I will stay healthy and eat right to make my heart and body a temple for the Lord and to live for Him for its for Him that I am free to praise His name all the days of my life. Lesa at 12:08 stopped this habit and will live for praising His name. AMEN."
# 65: Lesa

Tonight I Smoked My Last Cigarette And Made A Commitment
To The Lord That I May Never Turn Back To The Sin I So Enjoyed.

"I have been smoking for 14 years. It is something that my flesh truely loves. I enjoy everything about smoking. However my son recently accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. With that came much accountiblity on my part. I have realized more so than ever that God has been trying to get my attention for years in this horrible addiction. It has not only hindered my walk with Him, but has been a stumbling block for many people I have encountered. Today the Lord showed me that there is no other way for me to get this sin out of my life, except through his strength, mercy and grace. Romans 7:18-19 says, "For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep doing." That is so true in my life, but in 2 Corinthians 12:9 it says that "my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness". This website has been such a blessing in my life, and I have realized that I can overcome this bondage with prayer and God's wonderful grace. So tonight I smoked my last cigarette, and made a commitment to the Lord that I may never turn back to the sin I so enjoyed. I am so excited about this time I am going to spend with God. Even if I have to suffer, I know He is with me, and I want to obey what He is asking of me. May this Glorify His Name! Amen."
# 64: Katie

I Handed This Addiction Over To Jesus. I Haven't Touched It Since.
"I began smoking when I was 12. I have been smoking a pack of 25's day for the past 19 years. I knew I didn't have the strength in myself to quit even though I knew it was killing me. 3 weeks ago a an evangelist prayed for me for my lungs to be healed. I wrestled with that. How can I ask for healing when I won't let go of the thing causing the sickness? So 2 weeks ago I came online and found this site. I copied the prayer on the main page into my daily organiser, wrote the date and time and handed this addiction over to Jesus. I haven't touched it since. Has it been easy? NOPE. Have I been brought to tears, and spat the dummy? Had all my friends a families running for cover...u bet ya! But I REFUSE to let the devil take my victory!!! I know these horrible feelings won't last long and when they're finally ova, it'll all be so worth it!!!! ALL PRAISES TO GOD Thank u Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit!!!! woohoo:)"

It's been a month since I touched a smoke...wohoo I'm so excited. I'm so glad for your site it's been such an encouragement:):)
# 63: Stacey

The Lord Heard And Answered My Problem With Smoking.
I Am Now A Non-Smoker After 30 Years.

"I have been smoking about 30 years and tried to give up but I could not. I kept praying to the Lord to help me stop. The Lord Jesus spoke to me. I am a temple where the Lord dwells. The Lord heard and answered my problem with smoking. What I need is Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is not a cigarette. I want to give smoking up because Jesus wants me to. I am now a non-smoker. I sometimes get the odd craving but I am reminded that it's Jesus Christ that I need. It's Jesus Christ that we all need."
# 62: Paula

I Am Free From Being The Victim To Nicotine.
"I confess in Jesus name that I am a non-smoker. I have the power through Christ to overcome such bad habits and way of life. I do not know what made me start the habit but, all that matters now is the fact that I am free from being the victim to nicotine."
# 61: Carmen

It Is So Simple. All I Have To Do Is Ask And I Shall Receive.
Why Did I Not See This Before?

"I have been a smoker for 17 years. And also a Christian since I was a small child. The Lord has worked in my life so many wonderful ways, but today I have been healed from the nicotine addiction that I have been struggling with all these years. It is so simple. All I have to do is ask and I shall receive. Why did I not see this before? Thank you Jesus for healing my body and mind of this addiction. I praise your Holy name Lord Jesus. You are my brother, friend, and Savior! Praise God I AM HEALED!!!!!!!!!!"
# 60: Amy Rose

I Said, "God I Cannot Do This Anymore On My Own Please Help Me"
and He Instantly Took The Urge Away.

"At work I had a friend whom GOD used to show me the way to quitting. I told her that I wanted to quit and she told me pray about it. I sort of thought it silly then I under estimated that power of the almighty. I struggled daily when I tried to do it on my own strength. Every night I would say this is my last cigarette before going to bed. Then one night with the lit cigarette in hand I said GOD I cannot do this anymore on my own please help me and he instantly took the urge away. GLORY to the Lamb. I feel that He was just waiting for me to ask for his help. No urges since then. AMEN!!!"
# 59: Leah

I Stumbled Across This Website and Followed The Instructions.
Immediately After I Done That I Started Projectile Vomiting
But Now Know That The Lord Has Set Me Free.

"I am a soldier in the British Army and have been a heavy smoker for several years and have tried to stop on several occasions but fell flat on my face every time. The Lord has been directing me to trust in him rather than looking elsewhere for help. I stumbled across this website and followed the instructions. Immediately after I done that I started projectile vomiting but now know that the Lord has set me free. I am under no illusions, I am a soldier and realize that the enemy will not lay down on this but the amazing thing is he has no power over me. Praise God."
# 58: Robert

I Said The Prayer, Felt The Energy and The Freedom.
And God Has Set Me Free!

"After I had my very last cigarette I googled for help, cause smoking was becoming more important than praying, so I said the prayer, felt the energy and the freedom. And God has set me free... His promises will never change...Amen"
# 57: Alejandro

My Lord God Jesus Christ Has Saved Me
and Delivered Me From The Bondage of Smoking.

"I had been a smoker for many years and as the years passed I became more aware of the bondage I was in. God did not intend for me to live in bondage..this wasn't God's punishment for my sins, this bondage was from Satan. God is merciful and forgiving. I accepted my Lord's forgiveness...Yes I had fallen to temptation but Gods mercy raised me up from the ashes and I found hope and rest and healing in his arms. My Lord God Jesus Christ has saved me and delivered me from the bondage of smoking..I am free. He has done this to bring glory to the Father. John 14:11-14"
# 56: Gabrielle

Before I Even Said "Thank You" I Knew I Would Never Smoke Again!
"I would like to share my testimony, even though it was not this Bible study that helped me... it was God. I just found this web site, and wanted to share how God helped me quit. I smoked for 15 years. I was fed up with smoking and all the negativity. I laid in bed one night and said, "Lord, I don't want to smoke any more! I don't want to try, I just want to do it! I don't want to use any nicotine patches, or gum, I just want to do it! I'm weak and can't do it with out your help, Please help me. Give me the power". And before I even said "Thank you" I knew I would never smoke again. Thank you GOD..... Praise the Lord!"
# 55: Amy

I Asked The Lord To Give Me Strength And Free From This Addiction
And He Did!

"I asked the Lord to give me strength and free from this addiction and He did. Praise the Lord I could feel the calmness wash over me and I have the most inner peace about myself. I am free the Lord set me free. I thank the Lord every night in prayer and every morning when I get up. To feel this calmness and know the Lord is with me every step of the day praise the Lord. What a wonderful feeling."
# 54: Mary

I Have Been 2 Weeks Without Tobacco. I Had No Withdrawal Symptoms.
God Is Good...All The Time.

"A month ago, a missionary came to our church, and I prayed about what God would want me to do. The message I received was "Quit smoking Ash Wednesday and give the money to the mission trip." I decided to be obedient, and while planning, I found this website. As of today, I have been 2 weeks without tobacco. I had no withdrawal symptoms. I am amazed! God is Good...All the Time. All the Time....God is Good."
# 53: Jenny

I Felt A Shiver Run Down My Spine
When I Ordered Satan and His Addiction To Get Out Of My Body.

"Well....I felt a shiver run down my spine when I ordered satan and his addiction to get out of my body...I felt very light and could smell fresh flowers...I wondered what that was all about but something did happen...I am confident by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit that...I HAVE DEFEATED SATAN...love and praises in Jesus Christs name."
# 52: Selwyn

I Was Delivered From Smoking Through Prayer.
"I was delivered from smoking through prayer and praying for bondage of the addiction. I still need to keep my eyes on God, but it has been so much better than trying to quit by myself - cold turkey. My salvation was received instantly, why couldn't my deliverence from cigarettes be the same? Pills, cutting down, etc don't work for me. Releasing it to God does."
# 51: Wendy

I Just Pray and Ask God To Help Me. Then It Goes As Quick As It Came.
"I wanted to share that I have been smoke free for 3 days now!!! I have been smoking for 10 years and probably have tried to quit 10 times in those years. But I had a revelation one day that I was failing because I didn't add God in the plan. When I had the heaviness on my heart to try to find a Christian based website for quitters I was very happy to have found this site and I had prayed the prayer on the lesson and within seconds I felt it leave me. Grant it today has been a bad day but every time I start holding on by a thread I just pray and ask God to help me. Then it goes as quick as it came. I am safe and God is with me and I am going to climb this mountain and finish!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!"
# 50: Sara

I Threw Out My Cigarettes and It's Been 40 Days So Far Since My Final Smoke.
He Will Help You Too......I Promise.

"Just a closer walk with thee". I kept reciting this to the Lord and He kept reminding me of a promise I had made Him years ago and then gone back on. I threw out my cigarettes and it has been 40 days so far since my final smoke. It is not easy. There are temptations. There were days I felt I would pull my hair out if I didn't get a smoke. Jesus already saved me from this and He saved you to. We are already healed. I managed to fly across the country, drive everyday, even walk through a smoke filled casino and attend a conference in which every class break the smokers filed out; didn't smoke once. I know this is rambling but I did want to encourage somebody out there that it is possible. I told God I wouldn't smoke. I told Him I needed His help. I made this covenant with Him. He has been and is faithful. IT'S NOT EASY but it is soooo very possible and well worth it. I quit cold turkey and only by the grace of God. He will help you too......I promise. Thank you for this site."
# 49: Brandy

I Made a Promise To God That I Would Quit Smoking
and I Haven't Smoked In 4 Days Now.

"I made a promise to God that I would quit smoking and I haven't smoked in 4 days now. Nothing else ever worked. I can't say that I have no cravings for cigs, but It is definetly not as bad as I had imagined it would be. My fear of breaking a direct promise to God greatly outweighs my desire for a cigarette and the withdrawls have been extremely mild. All praise and glory to God!!"
# 48: Geoffrey

So Instead of Getting My Regular Dose of Poison,
I'm Just Going To Get My Fix of His Love Instead.

"I hated myself, life and my beautiful God, forever. The only thing that I didn't hate was debauchery. So, go figure that I debauched and debauched, and loved it. Essentially, I was proud to evil. In fact, I was so proud of it, I had the demon's fetus, the antichrist tattooed on my arm like it's a badge. Then, out of the blue, two days ago, after never stepping in a church or praying for years, I decided that I wanted to be a pastor so I can lead my friends into better things, instead of watching them destroy themselves with further idol worship, and the desire to be worshipped like a false god. After chain-smoking left and right since I was at least 16, I prayed and then I had a cigarette. Suddenly, everything just seemed terribly wrong about it, and I felt ashamed to chase something so beautiful away with something that just become so incredibly ugly, instantaneously. Even the number of cigarettes in the pack seemed like a sign. There were six of them, then I pulled one out, and set it ablaze, so I could puff this fire down my throat like some kind of dragon, a beast. Regardless, I finished that cigarette, and there was nothing to be enjoyed about it. So, I got online and looked for some scriptures over smoking. It turns out that I didn't find one. What I did find was this site, and a lot of food for thought. Then, I went back outside with that pack of cigarettes and I knew exactly what I was going to do with them: I was going to smoke the rest of them, and quickly, one after the other. My prayer, earlier in the night, was to remember what shame is like so I could shed my false pride, and sure enough, I felt ashamed (and sick) tonight after smoking the rest of those cigarettes. Then I prayed some more and felt humble before my God, and grateful for the experience. After at least six years of smoking, I've stopped for a whole three hours. Regardless, I'm going to chase away every craving that I have with prayer. So instead of getting my regular dose of poison, I'm just going to get my fix of His love instead."
# 47: Mykey

I Am Free At Last and I Am So Grateful Today For His Amazing Grace.
"I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ that he delivered me from cigarette smoking forever and ever. I am a reborn christian, child of god, baptized In the Holy Spirit and have being battling giving up smoking. Every time I used to Smoke a spirit of fear use to torment me. I started searching. I was convicted in my Spirit, that what I am doing is wrong. Yesterday I decided to take my computer and Try to get answers. I hardly know computers and after trying many wordings I then decided to use the words "smoking and the bible". As I scrolled down on the title "quit smoking gods way" I realized how I am bowing down to a spirit of addiction which is busy destroying Gods beautiful body that He wants us not to contaminate Romans 12. My eyes opened up and will take my authority in Jesus Christ of Nazareth to receive His power to overcome the evil one and to stand in victory. I am free at last and I am so grateful today for his amazing grace. Thank you my precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth that you have delivered me from cigarette smoking. I love you with all my heart and thank you that you have loved us first. Amen."
# 46: Lizette

I Felt Like I Was Dying Slowly When I Was Smoking...
Now I Feel As Though I Don't Remember What It Was Like To Smoke.

"I have been smoking 7 years of my life away from the age of 15 to 22. I smoked 1 pack or even 2 packs depending on the kind of day. I've tried to quit twice and I failed. It was just way too hard. So my fiance quit and I tried to quit but I started to smoke without him. Then three days later I prayed to the Lord Jesus. I asked for him to give me His strength. I asked for Him fill me with his Holy Spirit. I prayed for him to give me control of my life so that I may be closer to Him in mind, body and spirit. I prayed to quit smoking in the name of Jesus. Since that prayer I have been smoke free for one week. I have not had one craving and I don't drink caffeine like I did everyday. I feel more energized now than I have ever been with caffeine. Now I feel as though I don't remember what it was like to smoke. All I remember was that I feel great now and I felt like I was dying slowly when I was smoking, so there is no reason to start back. I am confident that God will help me control my life every step of the way. I have thanked the lord ever since then. I honestly feel as though Jesus erased all of my pain and thoughts about smoking. I do not even feel like the same person. PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!"
# 45: Sheri

9 Days Ago and I Haven't Smoked Since!
"I've asked God for alot of things the past couple of years and He has asked me also. I was going down a mental list the other day of all the things I had given up when I realized the one crutch I used the most and relied on the most for comfort and relief was smoking. It got me to thinking that what if God was waiting on me to give up that one thing before He released all the things I've asked Him for and much much more if I were to just quit? So I did. That was 9 days ago and I haven't smoked since. Thank you God for allowing the Holy Spirit to show me that."
# 44: Tracy

I Haven't Touched One In 4 Days!
Release Your Faith - Praise To God!!!

"I have tried many a time to kick the habit but always seemed to make excuses to have one. "Oh, I'll have a social one" or "I'm a bit stressed". Within a few days I'd be back smoking again. I got really tired of it and doubted my chances of ever being smoke free. I got pretty fed up and started to pursue Gods word on this addiction. I came across this website. I was not 100% that I really wanted to stop but after saying the prayer and simply saying out loud the "Statement of faith", when I thought about cigarettes it actually worked. I haven't touched one in 4 days! Release your faith - Praise to God!!!"
# 43: Yvonne

When I Start To THINK About Cigarettes I Silently Say
"Go Away Satan, Jesus Is Here With Me." And It WORKS!

"I haven't smoked in 4 days, this is the longest I have been smoke-free since I started smoking as a teenager. I have tried all the other methods of quitting smoking, and always failed miserably. Since praying and asking Jesus to deliver me I don't even WANT to smoke. I have not had any bad cravings at all. And when I start to THINK about cigarettes I silently say "Go away Satan, Jesus is here with me." And it WORKS. I am not even super-religeous or anything like that. I have always believed in God and Jesus, just never truly believed in miracles, until now."
# 42: Jennifer

I Believe I Have Been Set Free.
Now I Am Going To Destroy My Cigarettes . . .

"I just got done saying that prayer and commanding Satan to leave me in the name of Jesus. I then made a sincere pledge to God to never touch another cigarette and I then thanked Him for setting me free. Right now I don't feel the urge to smoke and I praise the Lord Jesus for that. I believe I have been set free. Now I am going to destroy my cigarettes as they no longer have any power over me."
# 41: Gtill

I Went To Youth Camp Last Year and I Haven't Smoked Since Then !
"I have been smoking cigarettes for 2 years. When I was doing it I was smoking like almost a pack a day. So I was sick of tired of doing it so I went to youth camp last year and I haven't smoked since then. This was July 28, 2007 so it's awesome that I have been delievered from it."
# 40: Billy

God Had Taken The Desire And The Taste To Smoke Completely Away !
"In Jesus name, I give all praises to God our Father. I was delivered from smoking cigarettes immediately after 10 years of smoking a half of a pack a day. Just after purchasing a new pack of unopened cigarettes before going to bed that night in the year of 1989, I prayed to God and told him that I was tired of smoking and did not want them anymore. When I woke up the very next morning, God had taken the desire and the taste to smoke completely away. Though my body tried to have withdrawal symptoms ie., nervousness for a month or two, the desire to smoke never came back. God delivered me from symptoms also. I am completely set free without any medical or chemical help. It has been 19 years this May 20, 2008. It would not have been possible without faith in God. I knew God would answer as he always does."
# 39: Pinkie

Praise The Lord...I Am Now 65 Days Free of That Nasty Habit !
"Praise the Lord...I am now 65 days free of that nasty habit. There's no other name under heaven or earth as powerful as the name of Jesus. Remember who the son sets free is free indeed..Thank you Lord."
# 38: Laura

I Just Prayed and Quit Cold Turkey !
"I was recently born again and baptized at my church shortly after I quit smoking after 1-1/2 packs a day for 20 yrs. I just prayed and quit cold turkey, haven't had a smoke in 8 days and with the power of God I don't even want one. This has been a miracle in my life and through Jesus Christ anything is possible. Just ask and believe!!!!!!"
# 37: Rick

Today I Smoked My Last Cigarette, Praise Jesus !
"Satan has held me in bondage with his lies for 12 years. Today I smoked my last cigarette, praise Jesus! Until I read this webpage, I felt so alone. Now, I know in my heart that I am set free indeed."
# 36: Linda

One Night I Said A Prayer and Asked Jesus To Help Me Quit Smoking...
I Have No Need For A Cigarette Anymore.

"I smoked for eleven years and have tried to quit many times. One night I said a prayer and asked Jesus to help me quit smoking. After this I have no need for a cigarette anymore. I did not have any withdrawals from quiting and I believe Jesus delivered me from this nasty habit. I thank Him everyday now for taking care of my short comings. It is amazing the power we have through God. I hope this testimony helps at least one person that would make what I went through worth it."
# 35: Will

The Holy Spirit Came On Strong...
and Instantly I Could Feel My Breaths Become Deeper...Less Heavy.
I Don't Feel Like I Ever Smoked. I've Been Set Free In Jesus Name.

"Praise the Lord!!!!...I have been delivered and this is fresh and New...just happened. For A WHILE I have struggled with wanting to quit smoking. I had prayed for God to show me all the ways it affected my life. That wasn't enough for me apparently. I still smoked. Although I felt guilty, I would still do it. Tonight I googled how to quit smoking the Christian way...and cried as I read the testimonies. I knew my time had come...FOR GOOD!! It became clear I was doing it all wrong. I was relying on myself to quit. I didn't promise God. I didn't call on His name. After reading this...I tore up my cigarettes, threw them out, cleared any reminders out of my home (liters etc..) and called on the Name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit came on strong..and instantly I could feel my breaths become deeper...less heavy. I cast satan out of my life! I spoke over him proclaiming his efforts to be useless. I know this may sound unbelievable because I just did it...but I don't feel like I ever smoked. I've been set free in Jesus' name. Praise him!!! I'm praying for all of you!!!"
# 34: Courtney

When I Called On JESUS For Help I Was Delivered On The Spot.
"Thank you Jesus, I quit smoking in Jesus name. I tried every pill, patch, hypnosis, you name it. Nothing worked I was miserable. But when I called on JESUS for help I was delivered on the spot...I can't thank Him enough. GOD is so wonderful. People we have power in JESUS NAME, demons have to flee. Smoking is not of God, I can't believe how much closer I feel to Him now that I'm not choking Him out with smoke. He released me from bondage and I never want to go back...lay them cigs at His feet..do it now in JESUS NAME...I LOVE HIM."
# 33: Laura

I Haven't Smoked One Since Then...Three Months Ago.
"Hey, I had been wanted to give up smoking for ages, I tried but didn't last more than a few hours as I started panicking and felt I was missing out, I didn't know what to do with my hands. Three months ago I read this web page and I thought that maybe I could ask Jesus to help me to really want to give up smoking (maybe I never really wanted to do it even if I though I did). To cut it short I prayed and I said to Jesus that I was going to promise him not to smoke again in faith, (which means that I believed by faith that he would help me and give me the strengh to keep the promise). I haven't smoked one since then...three months ago. I have put on weight, which I am gradually losing now and it has been quite hard the first days but I felt that I couldn't break my promise to Jesus and He is here making sure I don't break his promise."
# 32: Simone

I Am Healed. He Set Me Free ! ! !
"I said the prayer almost a week ago. I am healed. He set me free!!! I know I can resist temptation now after making it this long without smoking. I already feel so much better. Praise God!!!! What a burden he has lifted from me! All the times before I had tried to quit, I didn't promise directly to Jesus that I wouldn't smoke until the last time when I said the prayer on this website. Now I am accountable directly to Jesus. I could never promise it before because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my word. BUT this time when I prayed, the Lord knew in my heart I really was ready and I know that He will help me resist smoking for the rest of my life!!! I thank you for your help with this website. I truly thank you and maybe now since God has delivered me and my husband sees the change in me, perhaps it will minister to him enabling him to quit also. God bless you and all who visit here and read these testimonies."
# 31: Dana

I Cried Out To The LORD
and He Suddenly Delivered Me From That Nasty Habit !

"Working at the telephone company and the only way for BREAKS from work was SMOKING !!!! Then, cigars and then chew tabacco ... Attempting to quit on my own was impossible and costly packs were tossed and wasted ! I CRIED out to the the LORD and He suddenly delivered me from that nasty habit, but the doctor called me in to review my lungs by X-rays... He pointed out the serious lesions that were slowly residing and even the scars are gone now.. Since then, the Word of God has proved that our bodies are the temple of God and if we have smoke; then we are not complete ... Men at the www.MiamiRescueMission.com are being delivered and out in the outside smoking pit are getting the message! Yes, Jesus said to follow Him and He would make fishermen out of us... They get the message over the PA System and then are informed that 'Living Water' is coming; then they will not be smoked fish anymore!! Have you ever seen a fish re-smoked ? Thank God and Psalm 70 !!! Make Haste O'LORD to deliver them into the Kingdom of God..."
# 30: D.J.

God Set Me Free From Smoking and I Am So Glad.
"God set me free from smoking and I am so glad. I hope people out there realize that he is the cure for everything. The Lord almighty is so giving and loving. Oh how I love thee........"
# 29: Marie

I Did The Steps In "How To Quit Smoking Gods Way" and I Succeeded !
"Hello, in August of 2006 a doctor told me in the presence of my daughter and daughter in law that for health reasons I really needed to quit smoking, which I had wanted to do for a very long time any way for spiritual reasons as well as health reasons, but all my attempts had failed. But I knew when the doctor told me this in front of my kids, that they would not give me any peace till I did what he said I should do. So I tried tapering off, and failed. I did alot of praying, but continued failing. And then I felt even worse because I felt like I was failing God, and then I found this site, and I did the steps in "How to quit smoking Gods way" and I succeeded, it was a year this September 17th 2007 since I smoked my last cigarette! and I am still Praising the Lord today, for giving me the victory over that disgusting habit. And I also want to thank the people that wrote this method on this web site. And most of all I want to encourage any and every one who reads this if you want to quit smoking, please try this method, if you truly trust God, this will work for you, just as it did for me. God Bless!"
# 28: Etta

By The Spirit Of The Most High God...I Was Delivered From Smoking !
"I am 46 years old, I've been saved for 36 years, and I smoked for 20 years. By The Spirit of The Most High God, the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, I was delivered from smoking!"
# 27: Ray

After Smoking For 20 Years Or So I Finally Quit !
I Prayed That He Take The Desire From Me to Smoke And He Did !

"After smoking for 20 years or so I finally quit! I tried to quit so many times and failed over and over. Duh! I never thought to ask Jesus! I prayed that He take the desire from me to smoke and He did. I have not had a cigarette for over a month. I feel so good!!!! Please try God. He is just waiting for you to ask. I pray that everyone who reads this will have the courage to finally let go. I love you!"
# 26: Cheryl

I Am Proof That Miracles Happen After 39 Years Of Smoking !
"I have been looking for employment for the last 9 months. As I was growing discouraged I asked God if there was something He wanted me to do before he answered my prayer. As I prayed daily the smoking issue was always on my heart. I didn't tell anyone for fear that they would say, well you know if you listen to God you will get the job you want. I had tried to quit smoking 10 years ago and it was the worst pain I had ever been through. I remember thinking God take me home and lets avoid this suffering. Needless to say after 12 weeks and ten pounds heavier, I gave in to the nicotine and was back home bondage in tow. I started to diet and vowed in January of this year that as I lost 25 pounds I would try to quit again. Well I lost 20 and God said, "It is time, Obedience my daughter". Well I felt desperate with no job so I decided to set a quit date. The next morning I woke up and said I will try to give up my morning cigarette. Then I decided to see if I could Google something about being delivered from smoking without gaining weight. I found this sight and "PRAISE GOD HE BLESSED ME (TOOK AWAY MY SUFFERING) AND DELIVERED ME FROM SMOKING, CRAVINGS, ADDICTION, BONDAGE. I AM FREE and I am still praying and giving God all the Glory. I am proof that miracles happen after 39 years of smoking. I had also lost 70 pounds many years ago so in order to not gain weight I have increased my exercise, prayer, I know God knows my weaknesses. I believe that I will be working rather soon. God is great!! Thank you for the prayer that is posted. I pray that for someone else who is in bondage to nicotine, that you know God can and will deliver you."
# 25: Holly

I Was FREE! The Taste And Craving Went Out Of My Mouth Immediately !
I Even Lost 10 Pounds Since I Quit Smoking !

"Everything in my life had fallen apart. The man I loved left me for another. He got violent with me and after a day I sent him to jail. I was living with him and suddenly had to move. I just started a new job and I didn't show up for a very important demo. I was losing my mind. I almost denied God, but then I realized...I'm looking at everything wrong. I have a new job, a new car, a new home, a new life. My relationship with God was stronger than ever. In weakness His will was made perfect. For months God had been telling me to quit smoking. It even went so far as to ignore a miracle. I was watching the 700 club and at the end they started talking about someone with a sore throat. Now I'd had a sore throat for six months. Pat said its not a sore throat it's cancer. Put your hand on your throat and be healed in the name of Jesus. I thought they couldn't be tallking about me. But I did it, and my sore throat went away. I decided to quit right then. But by the end of the day I had convinced myself it hadn't happened at all. I needed to have that cigarette. I plan on quitting, just not today. Fast forward to the recent trauma...God was miraculously working in my life to restore me, and build me up, he gave me new life! I wanted to repay Him, but what could I do. I was sitting at work, and found this site. I said the prayer. I cut out the Praise to the Lord for freeing me from this addiction, and put it in each of my packs of cigarettes. Each one was half full. I grabbed the tape, and I asked the Lord to bind Satan, as I taped those packs shut. If I can do it now, I can do it forever! God gave me so much this is the least I can do...and by that I mean...believe that He is great enought to free me from the addiction, the strangle hold that Satan had me in! I was FREE! The taste and craving went out of my mouth immediately. And I vowed never to put another cigarette to my lips. It gets easier. It gets better. I've even lost 10 pounds since I quit smoking. Grab hold of the blessing God has for you. Fear is holding you back, don't be afraid. JUST BELIEVE!!!!"
# 24: Dayna

I Told God If I Can Quit Smoking, I Will Be His Witness. And I Did !
"I had been smoking for the past 15 years. Been trying to quit many times but less then 2 hours the urge comes back almost immediately. It is very frustrating especially when you even prayed to Jesus asking Him to help! I know God has been telling me to quit smoking if I want to have baby. But I still can't give it up. The people around me are smokers, it makes quitting smoking such a hard thing to do. Then one monday morning, the feeling of wanting to quit smoking was so strong. I went into the net to search for ways to quit smoking, and then I found this web site, quit smoking the GOD's way. After reading all the testimonies, I knelt down and said the prayers. Afer saying the prayers I got and threw away my new box of ciggy and all the lighters I had. Since then, about 1 month and 2 weeks, I have not had one puff!!! My husband is very impressed coz he is a smoker too. I told God if I can quit smoking, I will be his witness. And I did, I have been telling friends and showed them how I have quit smoking! Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you for helping me quit smoking! Thank you also for this wonderful powerful web site! Amen!"
# 23: Pauline

After 31 Years Of That Awful Habit I'm Finally Free !
"Free At Last! Praise God for your web-site! After 31 years of that awful habit I'm finally free. I never realized how easy It was just to turn It over to Jesus! Now I know He will help me in other areas of my life. I am KJV Bible believing Christian. Thank-You so Much."
# 22: Kathy

Jesus IS The Cure...I Smoked For 12 Years And Am Free !
"I picked up my first cigarette at the age of 17. I didn't start to find myself in the addiction until about 18 years old. I tried many attempts at quitting, and had gone w/out for 3-4 days once. Nothing was working. I'd lay in bed at night after smoking all day. Here I was a Christian and I couldn't understand why I had this problem. It upset me.. I wanted to stop and do what I knew was pleasing to God. This was years later when I began to hand my life over to Christ. I cried my eyes out and God revealed to me that I didn't know how to stop because I hadn't admitted to him that I had an addiction. I had never had to quit one before with His help. I asked Him to help me because I wanted to stop doing this. I was angry that something like that had it's hold on me. Yet I knew it had help from Satan. The day that I tossed my cigs, ashtrays, etc... the tempter tried his best. I took authority in the name of Jesus and told that enemy to take a hike. I KNEW that this was it. It's been a year since I quit smoking and the desire isn't there. I tell everyone that Jesus helped me quit. No patch, no gum, cold turkey wasn't even my help. I had already tried that and failed. Jesus IS the cure. I smoked for 12 years and am FREE!"
# 21: Laura

I Claim The Victory In Jesus After 33 Years Of Smoking !
"I have smoked for 33 years and I have not had a cigarette for 16 days. Today is trying but I am determined to stay a non smoker because my LORD deserves my very best and that is NOT SMOKING. Of course I did have deliverance prayer and that has helped tremendously. Today I am having a harder time than usual but I claim the victory in Jesus."
# 20: Cindy

God Kept Working On Me And A Few Days Later I Threw Them Away !
After 40 Years I Have Now Been Smoke Free Since November 1st 2005.

"I work in a hospital and have been smoking for 40 years. I spent all those years thinking smoking was wrong but, never trying to quit. I would witness to many of the doctors where I worked that were non-christian. One day, by the grace of God, I choked on some peanuts I was eating and thought that I had aspirated. One of the doctor's that I witnessed to everyday, listened to my lungs. She listened to my lungs and told me how nice it was to hear healthy lungs. I told her I was surprised to hear that since I had smoked for 40 years. She looked at me and said she was really diasappointed to hear that since she thought I was so clean. That hit my like a brick. How could I witness to someone if i was not a clean represtative of Christ. Two days went by and I went to Sunday Morning Church service. I could hardly sit still. When the pastor asked if there was anyone that had sin in their life that was causing them not to be a good witness--then I knew it was time to get help and quit. After church I met with the pastor and I told him about the smoking. He went into the bible and read verses and we prayed. My life verse is now 1 Corinthians 10:13. God kept working on me and a few days later I threw them away and I have now been smoke free since November 1st 2005---My one year anniversary is coming up. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Somedays I am on my knees calling out to God to help me get through. When I gave up cigarettes I gave up my best friend. Now I am learning to depend on God to get me through each and every day and be my best friend. May God be with anyone who is quitting and realize that He is your strength. My Pastor sung me a "God says your gonna make it!" And with His help you will!"
# 19: Sherry

I Made The Promise Not To Put Another Cig To My Mouth !
"On Aug.26,2006, I was baptized and made a vow that I was done smoking, I failed badly! The guilt I felt all week was bad. I had 6 pks of cigs left I just could not throw them away. I was so scared that God would not forgive me, that depression came big time. I have had this web site here for months but would not read it till today, WOW, I didn't have that much time to think when I was standing there tearing up those cigs and down the toilet they went. I'm so scared right now, I made the promise not to put another cig to my mouth. Please pray for me on this day of being free from this evil thing. In JESUS NAME I GIVE PRAISE AND GLORY."
# 18: Chrisjoy

Within 3 Days I Was Cigarette-Free. Almost Like Being Brought Back To Life !
"I was a new Christian and wanted to be baptized. In my heart, I felt that each time I put a cigarette in my mouth, I was idolizing the cigarette. I wanted to quit smoking before I was baptized. Every morning when time I woke up, I would smoke more and more and was actually becoming more addicted. One day, I was driving home from work and I got a word from God. At the time, I didn't know what it was but in retrospect I understand what took place. He told me I was going through a spiritual battle. When I heard the words "spiritual battle", I was so overwhelmingly enlightened, I couldn't believe it! Before this, I had never even heard the words "spiritual battle" before. I was convinced this was from God. So, I decided to research spiritual battle on the internet and God took me right to a page that gave me scripture and a Psalm to read. The scripture was Jesus is the way the truth and the life (John 14:6-9 and the Psalm is 91). I read these or spoke them out loud everytime I had a craving. Within 3 days, I was cigarette-free. Almost like being brought back to life! I have not had a craving since then, that was 2 years ago."
# 17: Joyce

I Will No Longer Let Satan Have This Power Over Me !
"I have been contemplating for a while about quitting smoking. I started when I was 11 and am now 42. I have two children left to raise out of the 5 we have, I want to be here to raise them in the way of the Lord. Next Monday at my home church, I was suppose to start a class on addiction, however money will be tight this week, but I decided this morning that I will do this today with Christ's help. I have been through a lot of things in my life, and Jesus has delivered me from them all I know that he has delivered me now from this bondage. I pray for all of you that are going through this and I know that you will with the help of our Lord Jesus defeat this. I will no longer let Satan have this power over me."
# 16: Diana

I Am A Non-Smoker Thanks To Jesus ! Amen !
"I was led to Jesus at the age of 19, and my life was radically transformed - new friends, new priorities, new mind and heart! Sadly, Satan didn't let go without a fight and I found it really tough to stop smoking, which I had done since the age of 15. Ah man, I hated it - I would drive to Church with a cigarette or two, whilst the worship band were praying before going on stage to lead others I would sneak of for a puff to 'calm the nerves' then lead others in worship! I would turn up to prayer meetings stinking of cigarettes, and often leave mid-prayer meeting for a ciggie. It dawned on me this habit was controlling me, pulling me away from God and had to go. I'm really blessed, I've tried to go cold turkey but failed. Now, I am on patches, covered in prayer by friends, family, the church and I am succeeding. At age 21 God has transformed my mind, no doubt about it. It may sound small fry, but today I have gone one month without cigarettes - before, I literally couldn't go a day. As you will read from the other testimonies, our God is an awesome God and he WILL deliver you. Its amazing some guys are totally healed of the addiction on the spot, others aren't. My advise is try to get yourself covered in prayer and remember that to walk on water YOU have to get out of the boat. There is no shame in Nicotine Replacement if it takes enough of the edge off - certainly in my case, God has honoured my prayers and again miraculously provided for me (I work in a grocery shop, and during the first few days whenever I thought about smoking someone from my church would walk into the shop, bump into me and encourage me!) I AM A NON-SMOKER THANKS TO JESUS! AMEN!"
# 15: David

I Know I Wouldn't Be Able To Do This Without Him ! Thank You Jesus !
"I started smoking at age 17, I am now 28. I have tried to quit so many times on my own and always failed. Although I was saved a few years ago, I didn't actually begin to trust God until recently. It has been on my mind for quite some time to quit smoking, then I began to have breathing troubles. I knew it was time to quit since my father was a heavy smoker--died of heart disease, my uncle was a smoker---died of lung cancer, and my grandfather also was a smoker who beat lung cancer. I was in the shower and I decided it was time, or maybe the Holy Spirit decided it was time...I broke down and prayed begging for deliverance. I still smoked for the first couple of days after that prayer but suddenly came down with a severe case of strep. This was very painful and had absolutely NO desire to smoke, could hardly even swallow! It has now been 5 days since I fell ill, am feeling alot better. No Cigarette in 5 days!! Praise the Lord, I know I wouldnt be able to do this without Him! Thank you Jesus!"
# 14: Brian

No More - It Is Over. I Give My Life and My Body to Jesus !
"I came to Jesus in April this year through attending an Alpha Course and, at 48 years old, am really conscious of how much of life I have missed through not knowing Him. I have tried and failed to stop smoking literally hundreds of times and have come to believe that I can only do this through Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. I will ask my church to pray with me for me to be delivered from this evil. This Study has opened my eyes to what it is I am fighting and I know that with the Lord on my side, Satan doesn't stand a chance! No more - it is over. I give my life and my body to Jesus. Thanks be to God."
# 13: Julie

It's Been 9 Months and Not One Cigarette !
God, Through His Holy Spirit Healed Me Completely
From My Addiction To Smoking !

"It's been 9 months and not one cigarette! Feb. 19/05, a friend had given me this study and prayer to help me quit smoking. I had my last cigarette, did the study said the prayer and asked God to please honor the prayer as heart felt (even though I myself wasn't that sure if it would work). My main concern was what if I got angry or upset - those were always my downfall when ever I tried to quit before. What an amazing experience it has been and the Lord is so faithful. I've had bouts of fierce trials since I quit - my daughter nearly died, a very good friend of mine did die and a friend I really cared about is involved in an adulterous relationship. All very tramatic events and would have sent me running for a cigarette - praise the Lord - I didn't even want one - the cravings I did have were quickly followed by intense physical feelings of what I would go through if I had a cigarette - the very thought made me sick to my stomach - I couldn't take a drag if I forced myself. God, through His Holy Spirit healed me completely from my addiction to smoking."
# 12: Monique

The Lord is Amazing !...No Cravings After 12 Years Of Smoking !
"The Lord is amazing! I read this Bible Study two days ago. I prayed with all of my heart. In these two days I have had no cravings for the first time in the 12 years that I have been smoking. He is wonderful, thank you Lord!!!"
# 11: Amanda

Glory Be To God - I Am Delivered ! ! !
"I smoked my last cigg. over this bible study if you can believe that! Lifting up all to the Creator and stepping out in His glory. I AM MORE THAN A CONQUER IN CHRIST! I claim that for myself and any others that read these words. I profess clear mind, decernment of the Enemys tactics and claim the promises of God. I stand steadfast and take back the victory I have allowed the Enemy to steal. Praise you Father, God Almighty, in faith your saints step out into the restortive Blood that you shed! GLORY BE TO GOD - I AM DELIVERED!!!"
# 10: xhaulthim

Today I Smoked My Last Cigarette By The Power Of The Holy Spirit !
"Today I smoked my last cigarette and I will do it by the power of the Holy Spirit, giving thanks to Jesus my Lord and Saviour and being grateful forever to my daddy, Abba Father."
# 9: Ginevra

Not Only Has He Set Me Free From Nicotene but Alcohol as Well !
"I started smoking at age 13 and today I am 44. I went from a few cigarettes a day to a few packs of cigarettes a day in the past 30 years. The only time I quit during that time was when I learned I was pregnant with my first child. I stayed smoke-free for 9 months and started again after he was born. I've always hated the addiction although the power it had over me was more than I could resist. Once I gave in I would give up. The last year I had several incidents where I had asthma attacks that were so bad I actually could not breathe, but even that didn't stop me. This week I was watching Christian programming and the lady talking told me I didn't have to live in that bondage anymore and that I could be set free if I just asked Jesus to help me. I did, and I haven't had a cigarette or the desire for a cigarette since. Not only has he set me free from nicotene but alcohol as well. When I told my son I quit smoking he said no way mom, you'll never be able to quit. I said I already did. Now he tells his friends that smoke that if his mom could quit anybody can quit, and this Jesus of hers must be real because she went from smoking 3 packs a day to becoming smoke free. What helped was being willing to want to keep the temple of the Lord clean, I also started to drink more water, eat only healthy foods, and I gave up coffee, & pop in exchange for fruit juices and lemonade. God is good and miracles happen when we turn our unhealthy desires over to him. You don't have to do it alone. The Lover of your soul will be there to help you whenever you are ready and ask him to. I thought it would be harder than this, but it really is easy because God changed me from a smoker into a non-smoker in an instant. All I had to do was make up my mind I was ready to give them up completely and then turn the rest over to him in prayer. I feel better, look better, smell better, and am a much better witness for Him. I always felt guilty smoking on the way home from church. What a hypocrit I was. Truth is I knew! The Holy Spirit would help me quit when I was ready, I even believed He would, but I was stubborn and it was something the devil used to hold me back from being all I can be for God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So can you!"
# 8: Lori

The Son Set Me Free Indeed After Smoking More Than 25 Years !
"The Son set me free indeed after smoking more than 25 years. At this writing [6-2005] it has been 6 months. Nothing else has worked, but Jesus does."
# 7: DD

23 Years and Now Set Free !
I Turned To Jesus And My Prayer Was Answered !

"Praise the Lord, He has set me free from the bondage of smoking!! I had been a smoker for 23 years. I have tried almost everything out there to help me quit and I failed everytime! I finally realized that I couldn't do it alone, I needed help. I turned to Jesus and my prayer was answered!! Amen!! Thank you my dear Father for your strength when I was weak!!!"
# 6: Jackie

30 Years and Now Delivered And Give All The Glory To God !
"I read your quit smoking God's way and found it very helpful. I have been smoking for 30 years and have tried several times to stop without success. I can now report that I have been delivered from this bondage and give all the glory to God. Thank you Jesus."
# 5: Teresa

Jesus Delivered Me From Smoking...18 Years Ago! No Cravings Since !
"I smoked for many years and after failing time and time again to stop smoking by myself, I decided to turn it over to Jesus. I wanted to be free from this bad habit so I bound Satan in the name of Jesus and commanded him to depart from me and then asked Jesus to deliver me from smoking. I made a vow to God that I would never put another cigarette to my lips. I immediately started to thank and praise Jesus for answering my prayer and do you know what? Instantly all cravings for nicotine left, I felt like I received a new pair of lungs. That was 18 years ago and I have not had a craving for a cigarette since nor gained any weight. Put your faith into action, try Jesus, He works, praise God!"
# 4: C.J.

I Thank Our Heavenly Father And Jesus Christ Because
I Am Free From Nicotine Addiction and Smoking !

"I've tried everything to quit smoking. I always started again or was so unhappy that people around me wanted me to start again. I found this Bible study and once I read it I realized that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would take the addiction and craving from me and not allow Satan to tempt me ever again. I am now four days smoke free and my heart is free. I can't tell you just how burdened I was because I wanted to quit, but didn't want to fail again. But our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do not fail their children. I sing their praises and thank our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ because I am free from nicotine addiction and smoking."
# 3: Cathy

If You Will Give It Up To Jesus I Promise You Will Be Set Free !
"I had gone to church my entire life practically. I did everything I was supposed to do as a Christian. My parents fell away from church and eventually I did too. I stopped going all together and eventually I stopped reading my Bible and praying like I would always do. Eventually I started to hang out with people I would have never before and that led me to cigarettes. I started smoking them when I was 16 years old. I kept on smoking for 3 years afterwards. I was addicted plain and simple. I was involved in a car accident and God totally opened my eyes up. God had saved me and I just turned away from him. I wasn't serving God or glorifying him in any way. I knew that I was doing wrong I felt Jesus pulling at my heart many of times but I ignored. Finally He woke me up for good. Thank you Jesus. I wanted to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ and I wanted to serve Him fully again. I just didn't know if I could because I wanted to quit smoking so I kept putting it off. Finally Jesus gave me grace and told me it was okay to come as I was. I gave it over to Jesus and I trusted that Jesus would set me free and give me strength to quit smoking. I got mad at the sin and wanted so bad to get rid of it. I went and got the smokers patch and threw the ciggarettes out the window. It was still hard though, even though I had the patch. Finally after three days of struggles and pain I decided only God could handle this so I really handed Him everything this time and I haven't smoked in 4 months now. Praise God. He is Awesome!!!! I still sometimes get an urge or the thought comes through my head and one time after 30 days I picked up one. I took a puff off of it and then cried. I knew there was no way I could ever go back to the cigarettes and I could never forget what God had done for me. How dare I? So even at times still when it comes through my head I just remember what Jesus did for me and how He died for all of my sins. It's hard but if you give it up to Jesus I promise you will be set FREE!!!!
# 2: Dillard

After Smoking Over 35 Years I Have Been Tobacco Free For Almost 6 Years !
Praise The Lord He Has Set Me Free!!!!!!!!

I smoked for over 35 years. I had tried to quit numerous times but failed to do so. I was born again when I was 46 and a year later God placed on my heart that I would be a better witness if I would quit smoking. I was smoking three packs a day when I quit but I had very little withdrawal symptoms. I have been tobacco free for almost six years. I am now a ministry student and a associate pastor at a local church. Praise the Lord He has set me free!!!!!!!!!
# 1: Lawrence

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