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Home » Bible Study Center » Financially Faithful & Abundantly Blessed » Part 10: Tithing - New Testament


Financially Faithful and Abundantly Blessed

"Let the Lord be magnified,
Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant."

Psalm 35:27

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Tithing Today Under The New Testament

I think youíll find this section exciting. Some say that tithing only applied to those living under the law of Moses and that it doesnít apply to us today. Letís look at tithing and giving today under the New Testament. First off, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob tithed "before" the law came into effect and they did it of their own free will so not all tithing was done under the law. It was not a command of Gods when they tithed. Second, in Hebrews 6:20 it tells us that "Jesus became a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek." It was Melchizedek whom Abraham paid his tithes to. So the connection is here. Remember that the Old Testament Laws, the temple and the Levitical priests were still in effect while Jesus was alive. It wasnít until after His death that the New Covenant and New Testament came into effect which is why you see a few tithing verses in the New Testament. He was still fulfilling the law of the Old Testament. Jesus lived on the earth during the Old Testament and under the Law. The New Testament began after Christís death. Tithing was a law at the time Jesus was alive.

After Christ died on the cross and the Old Testament had been fulfilled, all 3 Old Testament tithes became obsolete. The Old Testament Law was a temporary system until the coming of Christ. In the Old Testament, the tithe of 1/10 of Israel's grain and herd was considered Holy unto God and was made as the offering for sin. In Hebrews 10:16-19 it says that there is no more need for an offering for sin. Jesus talked about money, but only a few times does He mention the term "tithe". The only place that a "percentage" is mentioned is within the Old Covenant. Paul never mentions the 10% even once. What he does mention are the principles that we have found in the "practice of tithing". 1 Corinthians 16:2 is speaking of methods of saving. Philippians 4:19 is speaking of the blessings of tithing.

The New Testament does not use the term "tithe" anymore or indicate the 10% tithe. We find no New Testament regulation or commandment that continues the tithe for New Testament believers. The word "tithe" is never used in the New Testament as a command for the church. When Jesus used the word, it only pertained to Israel under the Old Testament but not to the church today. What the New Testament does teach is giving, not tithing, and there is a difference. In the New Testament Christians still gave to support Godís work in the church but it indicates that giving should be voluntary and doesnít set an amount or exact percentage to give. The New Testament doesnít say "not to give 10%" anymore or to cut it back. Remember Abraham and Jacob both gave 10% "before" it was required and 10% was required in the Old Testament so thereís an importance about that figure. In the New Testament, God never said to give any less so the 10% figure is a good starting amount.

New Testament Tithing Verses And How They Are Misinterpreted

Luke 18:9-12: Here Jesus is giving a parable about two men going up to the temple to pray. Jesus is speaking of a self-righteous attitude, and He uses the Pharisee as an example. If this man were fasting two times a week, it was because he felt it made him righteous because there isnít a command to do this. And if he were giving tithes of all he owned, he was doing so because he thought it made him more righteous. We see he also despised others. Jesus does not give us any command regarding tithing here. What we are given is a lesson and warning about self-righteousness.

Matt. 23:23-24 and Luke 11:42: Here Jesus mentions tithing and that they were still receiving tithes and should do so but he criticized the Pharisees for treating tithing as more important than justice, mercy and faith. They were obeying the law of tithing at the time but ignoring the law of justice, mercy and faithfulness. They attempted to show how perfect they were by even tithing on their spices but Jesus told them that they needed to keep the entire law, not just part of it. Remember that Jesus is here speaking during the Old Covenant and under the old laws. He is not telling us that we need to keep the entire law or even a part of it or else his death would have been for nothing Galatians 3:13-14. We are free from all the laws.

Heb. 7:1-10: This is in the New Testament but it is looking back to Abraham and is not being used to promote tithing, but it is speaking of Jesus as being the high priest.

2 Corinthians 9:6-7: These verses are key to giving in the New Testament and tell us to give according to whatís in our heart. This is what tithing in the New Testament is all based upon. We can "choose" what to give, weíre "not told" what to give just like Abraham freely chose what to give before the Law. But remember, Abraham chose to give 10%, nothing less. The New Testament leaves the amount of giving up to you. Itís your choice from your heart just as it is your choice concerning salvation and if you choose to open the door to your heart when Christ knocks. You will hear that knocking at your heart concerning giving too and it will be your choice as to whether you answer and as to how much you give. God is looking for you to obey Him cheerfully in your giving as He speaks to your heart. In the Old Testament tithing was ceremonial, but today under the New Covenant, it comes from the heart. Tithing was not meant to be given grudgingly, it was meant to be given joyfully for the work of the Lord as an expression of how thankful we are for all that God has done for us. And in reality, we are just giving back to God a small portion of what He has already given us because all that we have came from Him James 1:17.

Several Things We Are To Look At And Consider
When We Tithe Or Give According To Our Heart

  1. We are to support our pastors and ministers 1 Corinthians 9:14 and 1 Timothy 5:17-18.
  2. We are to support the poor and needy 1 Corinthians 16:1 and Galatians 2:10.
  3. When you give trust God to supply your needs 2 Corinthians 9:8 and Philippians 4:19.
  4. Giving should be done cheerfully or joyfully based on how much the Lord has prospered us 2 Corinthians 9:7 and Corinthians 16:2.
  5. Taxes should be paid Romans 13:6-7.
  6. We reap in proportion to what we sow 2 Corinthians 9:6.
  7. We will eventually give account for our deeds Romans 14:12.
The following are just a few New Testament verses speaking of giving back to the Lord. Galatians 6:6, Luke 21:4, 2 Corinthians 8:1-3 and Proverbs 3:9.

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Financially Faithful and Abundantly Blessed

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